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    Predicting Future through Religious Means!

    Being born as a human being, we are prone to ups & downs of life. The stronger goes over the defeats & make a winning come back but the weaker one goes on finding out the excuses. The persons who often indulge in giving the excuses are more prone to visiting the Pundits or to the palmist so as to identify the reasons for the failures. This remains a common perception for the majority of us.

    This surprises me of the intelligence of such people around us. We forget that the people we are about to visit in order to sort out the problems of life are themselves facing the same problems. So how come that they can manage the future of ours even in the case that they not even capable of predicting there future of their own. But both kinds of people are not less in numbers that instead of putting up with more efforts they are keep busy with the rituals.

    Do you also follow those kinds of people or believe in yourself?
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    In astrology, when a person has the right time of birth, right place of birth and right year of birth , everything can be predicted aptly and there cannot be doubt over it. Because the time and the place of the birth indicates the exact star to which one is born and from there entire details can be obtained. For that an astrologer need not be rich to predict our future. I think the author has been referring to those road side astrologers with parrot at their disposal to reveal future. They are also well versed to reveal reading your face with accuracy. So we should not undermine the predictions of astrologers.
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    I have some belief in astrology, but not the solutions(Pariharam) suggested by the astrologers or the Poojari or Pundit or Purohit to overcome the difficult times or to have some special time. Solution is not the remedy to overcome the problems but a consoling words to the worried and to continue their life. It is like - "The crow sat and the palm fruit fell." It is our good time and bad time that matches with the astrological time.
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    It is a human weakness to know about out future. Most of us are interested to know what will happen in the future.
    For this we resort to various methods. Those 'scientific' minded will use words like trend, analysis , probability etc. Most ordinary people will go to the people who claim some method to predict about future.
    Just as we 'scientifically'predict weather, disease, and even election results, there can be various methods human intelligence would have devised to predict future happenings. Now humans are developing Artificial Intelligence by which they predict human behaviour.
    So let us not simply ridicule those who believe in some predictive methods to know about their future.
    Just in the past couple of days how many of us believed the exit polls about Karnataka election? Was that not also some faith and belief? Did not something near happened and something different also happened? Are not some claiming correct prediction?

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    Personally I don't believe in astrology, palmistry, etc. But I do know the astrologers, palmists, etc. are very intelligent and they can judge the weakness of people very easily. So, I avoid them and never visit such people.
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    The astrologers have the really good knowledge, if we talk about ones who are into true astrology, they are the real astrologers and will be most able to predict about your happenings and also about your future.

    But its not right to keep visiting astrologers for every wrongdoing and if nothing goes well in life. People talk about the "grah nakshatra", that it is not in the right direction and so they feel they are facing problems. That is not the right approach. This is all a part of life, and if we have to experience everything, good or bad.
    Its ok to believe upto a limit in astrology. But having a firm belief that yes they would help one in their problems or difficulties is a misperception.

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    For instance, we go to our trusted doctor but he or she would have issues with obesity, smoking or alcohol and yet would be advising us about health. Similarly, the astrologer, palmist etc are also humans, they to have their share of problems. We should not discourage or degrade genuine people in these fields.

    As humans, we plan, spend, save with lots of hope for the future and our children. Then what is the harm in having a general outlook as to which direction our life is heading? While setting out on a journey, even the best navigator, best 4X4 all-terrain vehicle will have a map or GPS to guide, this is how I see astrology.

    One should not discriminately show our palms or horoscopes to each and everyone but by word of mouth or from our family member experiences, we can choose one and follow once in a year or so or when trouble stare at us. I do believe, respect the true ones but not obsessed with my future predictions.

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