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    Desktop Computers Meant For Official Purposes Are Installed With Games!

    The personal computers we owe at our homes are meant for personal use so it is justifiable to be loaded with games & other entertainment applications. But what if the personal computers meant for office use only are too used for these applications.

    I have witnessed these in the work places as well that when the job is done the employee tend to entertain themselves with such applications. So far the honesty & the commitment is concerned that this is unjustified. It's not unlawful but may create distraction among the employees leading to critical mistakes.

    What is your experience in this regard?

    Pl. come up with the interesting incidences if any.
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    It is really annoying to see government servants who are assigned with desk top jobs with computers some times play with games unmindful others watching them and even cc tv cameras installed are beaming their playing games during office hours and thus some employees are caught when they are playing card games during office hours. No doubts employees also have the right to entertain themselves with desk top games, but that should be done during lunch hours or after office hours. In fact gaming should be removed from the desk top computers and even internet should be regulated.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If it is not permitted by the organisation, loading extra software is wrong and can create problems for the organisation, the functions and even may land into legal problems. Organisations should or may have their IT department who may give suitable guidelines and monitoring this regard.
    In some organisations where the machines are not networked, there may be some games etc which are loaded by default and may be harmless too. If they are used after completing the required work and jo then it may not be taken very serious and even taken as a light entertainment and refreshing to the employees.

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    Some enterprising government employees are using external devices with preloaded games would be used during the office hours without the knowledge of the section in charge.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Before the popularity of the mobile with good display and farily large screen came into vogue, desktop games were the favourite pasttime for employees. Now we have mobiles that can have the latest games, temple run, archery or golf games are very addictive. People do play it on their mobiles itself.

    As far as usage and access goes, we need to have some common sense and fairness from both sides. An employee should use these at times of stress or when he/she takes a break for coffee and be mindful of the time. FOr the employers, they also need to keep in mind that the staff need a little distraction or an avenue to went out the stress.

    In sector wherein confidentiality and security is very tight, then it is mandatory that such games should be taken off and staff given a fixed breaks where in they can use the time for de-stressing/unwinding.

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    I use my office computer only for office work and no games are installed on this computer. I have a laptop at home and my children play some games on the laptop. They always installed and remove the games as per their needs.
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    In fact, office computers should not be loaded with games. The employees tend to open these games and play during the working hours which will bring down the productivity. Even I feel smartphones are also killing the time in the offices. As long as we are in office we should utilise the time for the official work and we should see how much maximum we can contribute. Then only we can say we are doing justice to our job and we deserve the payment.
    In our free time in our house, we can use these virtual games for time pass but not in the office. In Hyderabad, some companies are not allowing smartphones also to the work spot as they are also against the productive working.

    always confident

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