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    Can assertive nationalism do us any good?

    In this day and age, when globalization seems to be the driving phenomenon, can assertive and aggressive nationalism really do us any good?
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    Some actions taken through aggressive Nationalism would give the results later even after the term of the government is finished. For example the decision to demonetize was the biggest exercise and nationalism shown by Modi government and thanks to his effort today the elections are conducted without much money flow and the corruptions in various departments and offices has come down. So some assertive actions from the strong leader is possible if he is given the best mandate. That is why in coalition government such harsh actions are mot possible and cannot be asserted.
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    When a significant number of people don't bother about the country and some other try to harm the country from within, it is imperative to propagate nationalism very aggressively.
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    Even though globalisation and global village concept are on raise, nationalism is very necessary to keep our identity and speciality. Even though globalisation is taking place we have to have our VISA to visit a country and we should have a passport. We should have interest in our nation and we should always try for the betterment of the nation. Aggressive nationalism is very much required to see that the nation will progress in the right direction.
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    Mr. Basistha, this is a very appropriate point you have raised. The assertive nationalism does not do any good for the country and the world as a whole. This is a very valid point to think about by any socially conscious person with a broad understanding but not with narrow perceptions. How can we say we are progressing when we view everything with a closed mind? We have to broaden our horizons and think with a wider perspective.
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    Yes, we have to broaden our mind by causing irreparable harm to our country. We have to broaden our mind by giving our land to our neighbours. We must not be assertive and must ridicule our own armed forces.
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    We should not find ourselves in a position where in we need to have assertive or aggressive nationalism.

    nationalism is something that all of us need to practice and basic should not harm or degrade the morals of the country. It should come from within and yes, when the nation's interests are at harm's way, then we need to assert our nationalism.

    On the global platform, our culture and national values should speak for themselves, it should not be the violence and disregard for life that should be used to identify us. For instance, if one were to look at Israel in the global scene then the first thing that crosses mind is the disregards for human life. Similarly, when we speak about terrorism, the world thinks of Pakistan, ISIS etc.

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    Having our own culture, nurturing the positive aspects of that culture and showing to the world that we can also do it, is about what can be termed as aggressive Nationalism.

    For example, inspite of a huge heterogenous society, different parts of the country has all people living together in peace. For instance, in each of our metros, we have the Punjabis, the Bengalis and the mallus from Kerala living together, even while preserving their own cultural identities.

    So, it is a big culture, carrying within it, so many sub-cultures.

    Next comes the concept of marriage and family. We are the only nation in this regard, as we are very strong here. We repeatedly assert ourselves as preserving the family as one very important and integral part of the wider society.

    Another very important aspect is the manner in which we exhibit our assertive Nationalism. This is as important as ever.

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