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    Fruit Salad a delicious and tasty dish to eat and enjoy. Do you also like Fruit Salad?

    In my childhood, my dad used to take me to a hotel in my city. It was the only hotel where Fruit Salad was available. I used to enjoy eating Fruit Salad. Now a days, I prepare my own Fruit Salad after getting the items from the market. I get Ice cream and few fruit varieties. I prepare Fruit Salad for my entire family. They enjoy it. Whenever I have guests, I serve them Fruit Salad.

    Do you also enjoy eating Fruit Salad?
    Do you make it at home?
    What are the fruits you add to the Fruit Salad?
    How do you enhance the taste of Fruit Salad?
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    Do you also enjoy eating Fruit Salad?
    Yes, I enjoy fruit salad. We used to take it in good hotels.

    Do you make it at home?
    Yes, we sometimes make Fruit Salad at home also.
    What are the fruits you add to the Fruit Salad?
    The ingredient fruits are as per availability in the season.Mostly they will be apple, papaya, banana, grapes,mango etc.
    How do you enhance the taste of Fruit Salad?
    We sometimes add a little honey.cherry pieces and even dried kismis and cashew pieces. Of course, ice cream also will add to taste.

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    I like the fruit salad very much. At home we do make fruit salad especially with guava and banana. While going out there are certain fruit vendors who always serve fruit salad through out the seasons. They have Tharbhooz, musk melon, Papaya and pine apple, all mixed and served with pepper powder and salt added to it. It is very delicious and during summer, instead of trying other foods it is better to have such fruit salad which not only make you happy and feel like stomach full. Moreover there is no side effect and even the thirst is controlled to much extent. Any one can try the above salad at the home too.
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    We love fruit salad at home, we select a couple of soft fruits (papaya,banana and now mango) so that the dish does not become very crunchy. We use well chopped anjeer, fleshy dates and dried blue and cranberries. We have a powder of roasted cashew and almonds that give a different taste.

    Some days we add honey or a little of rose essence. If you like fresh coconut, you can add fresh grated coconut it gives a good taste (for us). The best thing at home is you can mix and match what you want. Now a days we get home packs of kulfi ice-cream, we which use at times with fruit salad.

    Kids love to add fresh crushed ice to the fruit salad. We have the ice moulds in which we pour the lichi/mango/mixed fruit juice in it.

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    Yes, Mr Sun, I also enjoy the fruit salad. Our Holi Month Ramadan is going on and I often take fruit salad in this month. Yes, my wife kames fruit salad at home. The fruits my wife add in the fruit salad are mango, pineapple, grapes, apple, pomegranate, etc. She makes a tasty fruit salad but I do not know what she uses to make it tasty.
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    Do you also enjoy eating Fruit Salad?
    Yes, I enjoy Fruit Salad.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    Do you also enjoy eating Fruit Salad? Yes. I like fruit salad. Any chance of having a fruit salad, I will never miss.
    Do you make it at home? Yes. My wife makes it sometimes when we feel like eating it.
    What are the fruits you add to the Fruit Salad? We generally use bananas, pineapple, Guava, apple, watermelon, papaya and mangos if available in that season. We use grapes and dry fruits also.
    How do you enhance the taste of Fruit Salad? many times we eat fruit salad by adding ice cream to it. It will enhance the taste of fruit salad.
    This fruit salad is a very tasty food and we always prefer having in this when we go out for dinner.

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    A fresh fruit salad is a recipe that's easy to make & this consisting of various kinds of fruits like the banana, pineapple, papaya, guava, apple, could be few of the pieces of oranges as well. This could go on & depending upon the taste or a person's liking for particular flavors. So one could add as many as someone intends to for, Like I didn't include the Mango here.

    Sometimes also known as a fruit cocktail or fruit cup, this can be served as an appetizer, a side-salad, or a dessert.

    I don't have much craze for this but still I mix up the different fruits sometimes so as to temporarily shift the hunger. But no doubt whenever I had this, it was delicious & full of nutrition as well.

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