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    What would the Governor of Karnataka do?

    Today, the most thought about man in Karnataka is not from any of the key parties but it is the Governor of Karnataka. Shri Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala is left with the delicate but envious decision of deciding the fate and aspirations of three parties and their leaders.

    We often imply that the post of Governor is not a less intense job of attending a few functions and signs a few documents. But today, this Governor has a complex task at hand.

    The final results of the Karnataka elections have BJP with 104 seat falls short of the figure of 113. Congress coming second with 78 has nothing to lose by attempting to jerk the carpet from the feet of BJP. JD(S) with the least seats (37) is in an enviable win-win position with hopes of becoming the CM of Karnataka.

    What do the learned members of ISC think the Governor is going to do or can do?
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    There is nothing complex about the task at hand for the Governor. If the recent decisions in Manipur and Goa are taken into consideration, the Governor has to invite JDS and Congress to form the Government. Otherwise, he may have to consult his conscience.
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    From common sense and because of a Supreme Court ruling in SR Bommai case, I expect that the Governor of Karnataka would invite the largest party to form the Government. My view is also due to the fact that there has been no pre-poll alliance between two or more political parties in the Karnataka election.
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    Why did this common sense not prevail on the BJP in the case of Goa and Manipur? It is a matter of convenience rather than common sense. Let us wait and see what arguments and rules the Governor will put forward in inviting or not inviting the BJP or the JDS and Congress combine.
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    I talked about my common sense in my previous response and I am not a BJP leader.
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    In this connection, the judgment delivered by a nine-member Constitution bench in S.R Bommai vs Union of India is very relevant. The judgment, in a nutshell, stated that when no party has numbers. 1) The Governor first needs to call the pre-poll alliance,; 2) if there is no pre-poll alliance, then the single largest party will be invited to form Government.

    In the present case, there has been no pre-poll alliance.

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    I expect some more dramatic situations.
    The MLAs are yet to arrive in Bengaluru.
    Both the sides will submit names of their supporters to Governor. There will be some common names in both. Hence Governor will take a decision to give chance to the single largest party and ask them to show majority in the assembly. There will be some protests dharna etc by Congress and JDS.
    Even if the Congress-JDS forms the government, i will have erosion very soon and there wil be crisis. Gowda and Kumaraswamy have proved their opportunistic characteristic in more than one occasion earlier.

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    There are various options being explored. One of my reporter friends presently stationed at Bengaluru has furnished a detailed update to me. Although I can't share everything, it can only be said that BJP is very much into the game.

    Further, there is a fresh controversy involving newly-elected Congress MLAs and Kerala Tourism Department.

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    As per the democratic precedents and respecting the verdict of the voters, the Governor is duty bound to call BJP to stake claim forming the government and give the time to prove the majority inside the Assembly before a prescribed date. But for BJP it has to loose the strength exam inside the house as it does not have the number. But luckily there is a discontent among the Congress and JDS newly elected members who are against having truck and taking support from Congress. Though Congress wants to give unconditional support to the JDS to keep the BJP away from Karnataka, there seems to be luck smiling on the face of BJP. For JDS, no doubt it has become king maker in this process. Even if BJP offers Kumara Swamy the CM post Yedyurappa as Dy Cm. there seems to be no takers as during elections BJP has not given room for adjustment with JDS except PM was soft with JDS.
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    There may be some members crossing over or being accommodated in a different party. The Independents are only three.
    The Governor can invite a pre-poll or a post-poll alliance (Cong + JD(S)) and ask them to form the government or can make an exception and call on BJP to form the government.
    Anway, this is far from over.

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    Karnataka Assembly elections result has come out as expected.

    According to me, Governor should invite Congress and JDS combine to prove its majority
    The vote share of Congress Party is more than BJP, which shows that people are not against Congress. This is not a good sign for BJP

    Regarding Govt formation, For the sake of power, Congress is surrendered to JDS and given them free hand.
    JDS has a free ride now.

    It is good for the BJP to sit in opposition bench instead of playing dirty politics, and concentrate on coming Election in 2019

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    Mr. Kumarasamy already asserted that he will be the Chief Minister of Karnataka after the election. At the end, after all the dramas, Kumaraswamy will be the CM.
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    Let see what happen in Karnataka. The drama on making government will be interesting within a couple of days. Let wait and watch.
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    The single largest party has to be given first chance to form the government and should give him some time to prove their majority. This is the procedure because there is no pre-poll alliance between any of these parties. But ultimately what happens can't be predicted at this stage. Most probably, both the parties will try to get the signatures of their supporting MLAs and submit to Governor for deciding the majority. But my doubt goes that the government may not be lost long whoever forms the government. Again the elections may come in this state.
    The Governor has to take the legal opinion of experts and act accordingly. As per the newspapers reports the Governor may call BJP to form the government.
    However whatever he does someone will get annoyed and the other will feel happy. Really the role of Governor will be very crucial in such situations. Whatever he does people will criticise him.

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    Looks like the governor has decided. It is being reported in many media sites that the Governor of Karnataka has invited BJP leader Yeddyurappa to form the government.

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    Next news: Congress leaders are preparing for midnight drama at the residence of the residence of the Chief Justice of India (who they tried to impeach only about 15 days ago). All of us must enjoy the drama+comedy. Is it Comedy of Errors?
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    The Governor courting controversy appointed the pro-term speaker of Karnataka Assembly (Mr.Bopaiah) and for the floor test on Saturday. Experts feel that this appointment is against conventions wherein the senior most MLA across party or gender lines who is neutral and respect for integrity would be the candidate of choice for pro-term speaker (RV Deshpande).

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