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    What are the lessons learnt from the Karnataka Elections?

    In politics, there is no permanent enemy or permanent friend. But the just-concluded elections in Karnataka did teach some good lessons to all the parties.

    For BJP it is the great big lesson that before elections there was great verbal abuse even from the PM level against the JDS party and its chief and now BJP does not have the chance to meet them for support.

    For Congress, overconfidence and rejigging with Lingayats reservation bogie, has hit them on their head and the CM Candidate Siddharamiah was arrogant through his last term and now he was tamed.

    For JDS too, they should not aim for big. When they got limited seats, their aspirations should also be limited and not be skyrocketing?
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    For the politicians
    Never take the electorate for granted.
    Nothing is final until the last vote is counted and you have the absolute majority
    Be cautious about members switching sides before and after the election
    Sounds odd but, Keep you enemies closer so that in case of need, you can have their support!

    For the people
    Nothing much changes in terms of what really happens to the people in terms of benefits and solution to our problems
    start to accept coalition politics and horse trading.
    Don't look for ethics and moral high ground in such matters
    We will be confused whether to have alliance to a particular party or a political leader because for both there are various combinations that go against the very principles of the party.

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    I agree with the statement made by the author. There is no permanent enemy or friend. The enemy will become friend and friend will become enemy. The voters got divided. Congress got more % of votes. BJP got more seats and JDS is the deciding factor.
    No new lessons to the public. Ethics will take a back seat. Many understandings and exchanges will take place. Today will be a crucial day for the Karnataka politics. Let us wait and see what happens.
    Whoever forms the Government, the Deva Gowda's family will bet benefitted. Real Political family. One of their family members will be in the ruling.

    always confident

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    We are referring to the arena wherein everything which seems to be impossible become possible.

    Once the Deve Gowda, remained in PM office from June 1, 1996, to April 21, 1997, during a span of less then a year, as in March 1997, Sitaram Kesri, (Who served as President of the Indian National Congress from 1996 to 1998), withdrew support from the Gowda government. Even onto this incidence the Deve Gowda has kept its options open for forming up the government in support of the Congress. On the another side of the story, the supporters of the Lingayat community has shown displeasure to this alliance & most probably they may find some comfort & benefit to be with the BJP.

    Since long the Congress Leadership has weaken & seems less promising for any big play. Adding, that any coalition with the Congress party never got to its complete terms. So, having consideration of all the BJP seems to be promising & for sure the internal arrangements have already been started which already being coming up with showing the displeasures of alliance with the Congress.

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