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    I am not the kingmaker, going to be the king!

    "I belong to the single largest party but sitting in the opposition bench. He is the member of the second largest party which is outside the Government. The third one belongs to the third largest party supporting the Government inside but not joined the cabinet. The fourth member happens to be the member of the party which has won the single seat in the election and formed the Government enjoying the support of those from outside and inside" - these were the quotes of late Pramod Mahajan during a debate in the Lok Sabha during the NDA regime.

    Yes, these words are true in the present context of the Karnataka elections and the kingmaker stakes his claim to be the King. All eyes are pointed towards Rajbhavan and the role of the Governor. comes into the picture. Everyone started deliberating on the profile of the Governor who happened to be the Speaker of Gujarat assembly when Modi was the Chief Minister. Till now nobody is bothered to know much about him but thanks to media to share everything.

    Some people started to quote the happenings in Goa, Manipur and Tripura. Everybody has to repay the coin and it's a matter of time. Thanks to our democracy. Don't underestimate anyone, time may make a kingmaker to be the king!
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    In democracy like one day cricket match last minute changes make the things more interesting. When every one was thought tht BJP would sweep power and make it Karnataka the Congress Mukt, suddenly the Congress also bagged some respectful seats and there by trying to enter the governance through back door politics. But the king is the Kumara Swamy. He has been saying from the beginning that the two national parties would come begging for his support, and now a wind fall for him as he would be having chance to form government. Never ever people of Karnataka thought that a meager seats secured party would be installed as the CM of the state and a big national party would support it unconditionally. Surely democracy is great.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Time is the Master Arbiter. Our decisions and conduct should be carried out keeping this in mind. With time, equations change, situation differs and also who has the winning hand changes too.

    We have a GD on coalition politics. I spoke for it because gone is the time when we can have a single party with absolute majority. It will happen when one party is completely transparent, for the people and above all petty politics, corruption etc. Until this happens, coalition would be the way forward.

    This brings me to a forward, I got, The batch topper (BJP) is waiting for a job when the below average student has the job (JD-S) and may even get the highest job in the state.

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    There are no ethics in politics. Now no party in Karnataka remember the poll promises made. Their eyes are only on the CM seat. This situation is predicted before the elections and everybody thought that JD-S is the deciding factor. The same thing happened. The kingmaker is becoming the King.
    As time goes there will be many changes and equations will take new shapes and anything can happen. I don't even surprise if BJp offers CM post to Revanna to pull some MLAs from their party to support BJP.

    always confident

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    Just now watched the news. Five MLAs from the JD(S) are 'missing' and yet to arrive at the party meeting. Similarly, at least 3 from the Congress are also missing. So, still the number game is on. A senior BJP leader, KS Eswarappa has said that we will form a Government. Sounds like a musical chair as to who will form the Government in Karnataka and who will be the CM.

    If the JD(S) + Congress comes to power the King and king maker would be the same. If it is the BJP, then the Kingmaker would become a common man until the next elections.

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    Now the game has started! All of us must watch how many MLAs from Congress+JD(S) would abstain from giving their signature in support of Kumaraswamy.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Very true. The King maker is not a maker but would be a self made self styled King himself. The governor, as a right, might call up BJP to confirm whether they are in a position to form a government, and might give some days. I am sure, BJP won't be in a position to make good the shortage. After the given time, The Congress will be asked to try their best. There will be a confusion between Congress & JDS . Finally, Kumaraswamy will be called. The Kingmaker would manage to ally with Congress for a deal to be CM of Karnataka. Having no other way, Congress would yield to Kumaraswamy's demand. Kumaraswamy will be crowned as CM of Karnataka. This is what I foresee.
    No life without Sun

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    Now it has become the old story of 'Kissa Kursika' and 'Aaya Ram and gayaa Ram' for which the Indian politics are famous for. Our political parties have once again proved to be the pieces of same cloth and none is inferior to the other.

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    I don't know about what's going to happen as still nothing can be said confidently on anything. But one thing for sure that ruling goverment along with the alliance party like Congress is never possible for long as the past records have shown. In the mean time the Congress has the intention of keeping the BJP away from the main steam & so this just has come up with the readyness to support the JDU. But chemistry is not so as this seems to be.

    As the news has been pop up f missing MLA's, is going to add some numbers to the BJP mandate.

    So let's wait & watch for the aftermath circumstances which is going to be of much interest.

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    Now the kingmakers and to be king have to wait for another 15 days as he has to wait for his turn. Now it is their hi-tech intellectual capability to keep their folks togetherso that they won't become kingmakers till then. B S Yeduyurappa has been invited to form the Govt. in Karnataka being the leader of the single largest party and he is going to sworn in as the CM of Karnataka today.

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    Considering his inclinations (though not expected of a Constitutional head), it is no surprise that Yeduriyappa has been invited by the Governor to form the government. More amusing is the fact that he has given fifteen days time for the government to prove its majority in the House. So, a lot of time for horse-trading and bargaining for the BJP. Though such things are not quite new in India, I personally feel that the whole system has been taken for a ride by the businessmen in power at the centre. There is no scope for any other kingmakers in India today!

    And Jagdish, why shouldn't one quote Goa, Manipur, Meghalaya or Nagaland?

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    BS Yeddyurappa has been sworn in as the CM of Karnataka this morning at around 9:00 AM. The SC had a midnight hearing but allowed the swearing-in to go ahead but the final verdict will still apply as to whether he can continue as CM or not. The Congress and JD(S) are protesting at Vidhana Soudha. Looks like the kingmaker has to be contented that he still has a chance in the next few days.

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    So the suspense of last few days has ended & the BJP, who got the maximum seat, has sworn in for the CM post & will have to prove its numbers during the next 15 days. The magic figure of 112 wouldn't be the difficulty as few already in the list who is not satisfied with being alliance with the Congress party.

    Karma has its own way of reflections wherein we still believe in that, "as you sow so shall you reap". And this being happening with the once called the biggest party of India, the Congress party.

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    The Great Indian Political Drama is interesting to watch. There are some interesting political changes happen during Karnataka election, here are some major points.

    1. Congress and JD(S) fought the election against each other. Where JD(S) was tagged as BJP's "B" team by the Congress.
    2. Before a day of Voting count, the CM of Karnataka gave a statement that he can even leave his CM post for Dalit.
    3. After counting, the public of Karnataka voted out the Congress who were in majority. The intentions of public clearly shows their interest on BJP. The BJP who were finding difficult to create an Image in South, came back strongly.
    4. Just not to form Government by BJP, the Congress and the JD(S) joined hand together and shows their majority.
    5. Supreme Court did the hearing from both party mid night till early in the morning. Yet, the supporting letter of MLAs from both Congress and JD(S) were not available on the basis they wanted to form the Government.
    6. Supreme Court rejected to interfere in Governor work.
    7. BS Yeddyurappa was asked by Governor to form the government. And he is sworn as a CM of Karnataka as per the current news.

    Now the question is how the BJP who were short of 8 seats can show up their majority? If ever it happened, it directly mean that some of the MLAs from Congress and JD(S) will support them. Without that there is no chance. It will be really interesting to see who comes out from Congress and JD(s) to support BJP. If it happens then it will be really a setback to both congress and JD(S).

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    We are bound to see the dirtiest brand of corrupt practices of the BJP to survive in power.

    That the other two parties, the Congress and the JD(S) are also no promoters of moral politics, even makes the situation even worse.

    Karnataka is bound to see horse trading of the tallest order. Mr Amit Shah the most corrupted strategist of the BJP is not going to give up so easily. So, we are in for really troubled times.

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    Politics is all about time, situations and opportunities. What is happening in Karnataka is nothing new that we can feel "shock". Time to time every political party has done that to survive their power. We have seen leaders changing their political parties keeping their ideology aside.

    However, I personally don't think people will have any trouble time. If BJP could not show up their majority, the Congress+JD(S) team is ready available to form the next Government. As far as most corrupt talk is concerned, it changes with our own situations. For some people yesterday JDS leader Kumaraswamy was the most corrupted leader, now the Amit Shah. The situations and opinion will keep changing according to our own perceptions.

    But yes this is the time to see how loyal congress and JD(S) leaders are for their respective party.

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    These things happen when there is no party coming in the majority and speculations are there as to who will make the Govt.

    In a democratic setup people can form as many parties as they wish and the already divided society for polling can be further subdivided making it more and more complicated.

    In our country, the voters are divided on caste, creed and religion basis and they do not see the candidate in terms of nation-building or development but perceive it in favour of their personal selfish interests.

    The politicians take full mileage of this situation and exploit us to make their quick mullahs home. They simply pressurize the corrupt bureaucracy to give them their share so that they need not to worry for finances after their minimum tenure of 5 years in case they never return back to power.

    The officially declared wealth by these politicians is the testimony to this and a politician in power for a long time can gain significantly.

    There may be a few exceptions to this but the growth of the country is not dependent on these few people.

    Knowledge is power.

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    All most all supported the present central govt in the beginning but after coming into the picture the entire story has changed after he became PM as we can observe that our Leader has a very good manipulation capability through his speeches I can say this by observing the three elections which were conducted after the demonetarization and GST at all the three places they had used the power to control the governer as in those places they were talking about the no of seats and coming to Karnataka there were talking about the largest party. more thing that it needs to be concentrated here is the educated people who know what is right and what is false particularly the educated and employees who stay around the Bangalore city there the voting Percentage is very low.
    2. It is quite common in Karnataka that no government has got a chance to govt for the second time.
    3.All the remaining population who are not educated and who don't know the Reality of Modi (I am not against BJP we are against Modi and his ideology of divide and rule which is the basic nature of the British).
    so based o the above three factors we can definitely say that people are not with BJP.
    4. He is very much sure that he will not come to power again so he is using all his powers to keep his government alive for decades together. This was the only reason he has taken the slogan CONGRESS MUKTH BHARATH.
    5 The fight should be healthy as we are in a democracy but the path he chose by threatening not only the MLAs and MPS but also whole parties we can see examples like Tamil Nadu it is crystal clear that from the time of Jaya Lalita they were opposing Tamil Nadu but later her death they sent Sasi Kala to jail who opposed BJP and by blackmail politics they made Tamilnadu as their supporter who indirectly supported BJP in the name of kavery issue and made to waste all the time of the parliament if not the AP would have questioned about the special status issue and the entire contry would have gained the attention about the issue and the reality of the politics of the centre would have come in to picture and am sure that if this issue had hilighted in parlikment they would not have come in to the power.

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    Karma has its own way of reflections wherein we still believe in that, "as you sow so shall you reap". And this being happening with the present Central Government
    Abdhul Firoz.

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    Did you all read what I said? Kumaraswamy is taking over as CM. I am sure, he will prove his majority on the floor with the help of congress and other party members. BJP should return to the North to rest and should never attempt to keep its head towards the south.
    No life without Sun

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    Yes the author's prediction has become reality. There seems to be luck smiling on the face of Kumaraswamy and he is going to be next CM of Karnataka. How long this will last. Good luck.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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