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    The bridge collapse in Varanasi. Is that human negligence or Engineering failure ?

    The tragic road over bridge collapse in Varanasi today resulted in so many deaths and many vehicles were crushed under the big boulders of heavy weight. Even in Hyderabad we are seeing the smooth construction of Metro works which are done amidst traffic and heavy movement of public, but nothing untoward has happened. When such big girders are being launched to higher slot, it must be done during nights when there is zero traffic, how can they do such works when heavy traffic were moving beneath. Surely it is the human negligence or the Engineers failed to gauge the length and the placement of girders at right place.
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    The incidence of collapsing of Varanasi bridge is a tragedy in which & at least 18 people are supposed to have lost their lives and that few more are feared trapped within a portion of this under-construction flyover. While the reason for the collapse hasn't been ascertained yet but few of those trapped are reported to be laborers who were working on the flyover. Aftermath, the Project manager, the Assistant engineer & the junior engineer were suspended with immediate effect & also a three-member technical committee has been constituted to carry out a probe and submit report within a given time frame.

    Although the final survey report yet to be surfaced but often this remains the case with many of the government projects, that after clearance of tenders the contractors keep on reducing the overall costing by keeping up with the cheap materials. The problem Is that these contractors never found to have punished for using the cheap raw materials or of negligence on their part.

    Adding, that the remuneration packages have been announced by the CM Yogi but the losses can't be remunerated.

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    We are not the British to construct quality bridges sincerely. We have the Engineers who don't think about the quality of the work but the quantity of money we can make through the construction. No doubt, it is the poor engineering technology with half baked engineers and contractors.
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    The exact reason for this incident is not known so far. But people feel it is due to the inferior quality of the work done and the materials of low quality were used. However, in our country, the human lives are not having any value. After the death of some people, the government announces some compensation to the family of the deceased and the contractor will take some action on his employees and the case will be closed and forgotten.
    Even the politicians may not bother much as they might have been made happy already by the contractor and they may shout on the officials who are responsible for the supervision.

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    Our prayers for those who have lost their lives in this tragedy.
    Mr.SuN, I would disagree with your comments. When we can build rockets to launch satellites, we would have good engineering technology and manpower.
    With regards to similar instances, it would be the lack of transparency, corruption leading to sub standard quality of construction and failure to adhere to rules and protocols that are the major culprits.

    This bridge/flyover is constructed by the state run UP Bridge Corporation and it has had projects in Iraq,Yemen and Nepal. But the recent performance of this particular company has not been very good.

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    The actual reason for the collapse of two of the pillars of the flyover will be known only after an investigation. It is wrong to say that the British can build better quality structures than our engineers. The design and the quality of materials to be used are the same. The difference lies in the execution of the work. During the British time, there was no corruption. Now the interference of the politicians and the officials is more and corruption is rampant. On a rough estimate, nearly 30% of the cost of the project will go into the pockets of corrupt officials and the politicians. This is in general only. The contractor has to complete the work within 70% of the estimated cost which includes his profit also. From this one can understand the quality of the work. Our engineers are as good or as bad as the rest in the world. The only problem is the corruption due to political and official interference.
    With my limited knowledge of civil engineering and a very limited exposure to the construction activity, what all I can say is that a factor of safety will be applied while designing the structure. This factor of safety is mainly to compensate unforeseen site conditions while execution, quality of execution and the quality of materials.

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