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    Who will pay salaries to NIT college professors ?

    What is the minimum and maximum salary of NIT (PhD) professor? Who will pay salaries to them? If it is central govt, will they recieve pension and other allowances like central govt employees? What is growth and opportunities of NIT Professors? Will they get opportunities from abroad? I also wanted to know the difference among professor, assistant professor and associate professor. Are those jobs permanent? If not which one is a permanent job? If NIT is not central government university, will they ever take up or recognise it as central govt university? I saw the pay scale structure in a website. According to that salaries are very low. Even state government lecturers are earning so much money when compared to them. If that is true that the top college professors of the country after IITs are making very low income, why are people selecting them as their dream jobs instead a state or central govt posts? If they didn't get post of state or central govt university, will they select IITs and NIT as their second option? Aren't they stressful? What is that special about them ? What are the extra benefits they are getting as professors of NIT? Which one is better in between NIT and IIT? Someone pls clear all my doubts.. And thanks for your patience..
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    All the NITs are governed by the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India and the pay and allowances are borne by the GOI only. The Professors are paid as per the laid down scales prescribed by the various Central Pay commissions as recommended time to time by the UGC. Further, be specific about your query and share the details such as qualification and working experience also. To serve as a Professor in an NIT or any other Premier institution, you need to have working experience and a Doctorate in the relevant field and fulfil other desired criterion.

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    All national institutes of technologies and IIts will be under the governance of Ministry of HRD, Government of India, The pay scales will be as per the UGC norms. The scales are dependent on the experience also. For experienced people, they will give some advanced increments also. Earlier they used to call the designations of teaching staff as Professors, Readers and Lecturers. But now they are changed as Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professor. For all the three positions the educational qualifications are same that is doctorate degree in the concerned subject. For next promotions to a higher level will depend upon your experience, the number of papers published and a number of students obtained PhD under the guidance of the staff. They are not stressful and people who are interested in working on research projects will have a lot of scope for working. The government will sanction projects to work upon. The salaries are not very low and a lecturer starting salary will be around 80,000/- rupees per month and it is a pride to work in such institutions and the candidates having worth will get international exposure and recognition. These jobs are permanent in nature and all benefits will be there, The pension rules are applicable and Pf rules are also applicable.

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    The salary of NIT staff have four compenents AGP+BP+TA+DA
    AGP: academic pay grade
    for Assistant professors: 7000,8000,9000
    for Professors it is around 10500
    BP:Band Pay
    For AP with AGP of 900 it is Rs 37400 and for Professors it starts from Rs 48,000.
    The TA is around Rs 3200
    The DA is 107% of the basic pay and TA
    Since the list of questions is too vast, I'm enclosing the links regarding salaries and other regular benefitsfor NIT staff

    They also are eligible for the Central Government pension scheme on par with other central government employees. Those recruited before 2004 will have the old scheme and those after 2004 will have to follow the new central government pension scheme guidelines.

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