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    Just a spark is needed for a cracker to burst

    It is said that we should keep on trying till we succeed and get positive results. But in practical life sometimes if we are not getting positive results even after continuous and tireless efforts, we come to a stage where we tend to get demoralised and slow down. Even we start getting a feeling that our capabilities are dwindling. We feel like quitting and get tired of trying as we see no positive results. But does it mean that we can never get up again and we have lost ourselves? Can we rise to high spirits again and start trying? Why not?

    I think this is just a temporary phase and just like a spark is required for a cracker to burst in the same way even a spark of slight positive outcome and success during such times can lead us to again start running towards our goal. It can rekindle our confidence and our capabilities start resurfacing.

    So the importance of a spark of positive results in the life cannot be undermined. Amidst the struggle and failures in life if these sparks of small positive things keep on happening then it can keep us going. Even though it may be a small success it does not matter but it is like a medicine which reduces our illness.

    So a failure after failure can shatter any person but if these tiny drops of success come along with the storm of failures then it can give much-needed oxygen to the person to breathe further.
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    True. A candle in dark will also appear bright and as time passes it will become more bright. The same way sometimes we may face many failures but we should not stop trying. A little hope should always be there to protect us from negative feelings.
    We should go on trying till we are successful. Don't get disturbed by failures and be happy for small success also. Analyse the failure, understand the reason for failure and try to correct yourself. That will bring success definitely. But without thinking about the failures and without understanding the reasons for failure, if you go on trying, it may take more time to be successful. So once should analyse the reasons and take rectification acts so that success will come to you soon.

    always confident

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    No one is perfect & we continue to face hurdles in our life due to our own intelligence & past actions. In many of the times we just don't act as required so as to achieve the things but instead become over confident & take immature decisions as a result we blame the consequences. So instead of self scrutiny, we go on with numbers of excuses which in addition doesn't make us complete but get on surface as a losers.

    The most important reasons which leads to failures is the lack of commitment & consistency. That often we make commitment but lose the field because of the lack of consistency therein. So in absence of any of this we are not able to perform as this could have been the scene. We always have a number of live examples with us. In the mean time take an instance from the life of PM Modi who once used to sell tea in a railway platform. The another instance could be of Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the past president of our country, who used to be sell news paper for his daily needs.

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    Only a few handfuls of lucky people have everything laid out for them in life. Most of us have to go out and get the things we need for our lives. Some run endlessly amid plenty, some run to make ends meet amidst stark hardships.

    Life is harsh like the desert but at times we need little instances that make us move on with a glimmer of hope. It may even be a mirage but at least it keeps us ticking until we reach the real oasis.

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