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    How can I get my account if forgot username ?n

    There is option to recover account if we forgot password. But what about username? I didnt find option to login with email account.. what should we do to recover if we ever forget username ?
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    In the mean time, each of your account are carried with the information that you yourself feed in order to complete the process. These information are consisting of the details like the "User Name", "Email ID" & the mobile number. Or if in due course if your are not clear of any of the above then we have the option of speaking to the customer care.

    For example, once when I forgot the password of Facebook then in the screen I used my mobile number & the email id, whichever is available & this works for you. So is the case with any of the account to any of the site that we always having an alternate to go for so as to come up with the details we were looking after.

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    You didn't reply to my question.. how to recover India study channel account if we forget username? It's not password.. we must login with username. why is there no option to login with email account ?

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    Im puzzled too actually. Well do one thing, send an email to Vandana maam or Tony sir.
    You must have given your email as contact. So they might be able to track and retrieve your username. If that doesn't work I don't know what will. case you don't forget in future, put "Remember me" the next time you log in.

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    your question is if you lose your username and password for iSC, what to do.

    1. Most of the current computers linked to one IP address will automatically bring in the username on ISC, if you are a single user, then just the first letter of the username is enough to display the full name.

    2.Once you visit the login page, click on the forgot password icon. This takes you to the link wherein you can enter username OR email and then reset the password.

    3. If this doesn't help, then I would send a mail via the contact us option that is at the bottom of the ISC page.

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    It is very easy. Press 'forget password'button and you will be able to set a new password. So far as Username is concerned, if you type the first letter correctly, the entire Username is automatically displayed.

    I have also noted that in the payment voucher of ISC which is uploaded for receiving payment, we have to write the Username. We can retrieve the Username from the payment voucher also.

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    I have sent you an email about this, to resolve your problem. Please check it out.

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