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    What If Fairy Tale Could BE The Reality?

    Fairy tales is composed of the form of a short stories that typically features entities such as dwarfs, dragons, elves, fairies, giants or any kind of entities that we could even imagine of. That this even consisting of witches, and usually the magic or enchantments. This is where we found the possibilities of anything & we often have heard of this having the perfect ending wherein everything gets settled to where those belonging to. Although, this fiction carries along with different stages of saddening & climax but finally we see the happy ending.

    But in practical life each one of us knows that this never possible. In fiction & fairy tales, logic doesn't apply but in practical life this is essential & undivided part.

    During the span of our life, we keep on fighting with the daily struggles wherein no one is perfect & there are consistent hurdles in the life which can't be ignored but instead we have to face it with as much strength as possible.

    Now suppose that we got one "Jin" who is able to complete all our jobs instantly. That we intends for something & is presented to us. We would be in a fantasy land where there is no worries & struggles of life & so on.

    While this can't be possible but can bring us a lot of happiness from within so as to result in the refreshment. What's you intake in this?
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    This is purely an imagination. In our earlier days, we were told a story known as Allaudin Magic lamp. Whenever he rubs the lamp a ghost will come and do the favour whatever asked by the owner. If it becomes a reality we need not have any struggle in our life. We can sit in the house and enjoy all the aspects. We can fulfil all our wishes and we need not worry about the money or any other aspect. But after sometime we will lose interest and we find it very difficult to pass time. So we should also have some activity. So I never wish that these imaginations should not become realities.
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    Fairy tales and fairy land stories are good to dream about. Imagine if this were a reality and we have no worries, no struggles etc.

    If everything is take care of then why work, why study, why have the ambition to have a good career, do over time, save money take loan etc. The drive to live and perform starts to wane.

    We all we be happy, then become lazy and bored without the normal challenges of life. Some of us would even forget about God to whom we turn for help.

    Sometime back, I had raised a thread along similar lines One fine morning God asked me not to work!.

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    Sir, have you not seen any masaala Hindi, Telugu or Tamil movie?

    We would have our always young hero (even when he is sixty plus in age) bashing up some sixty bad guys in one go, with at least two most beautiful young women falling madly falling in love with him.

    Every successful movie of this kind was simply the result of good fairy tale thinking, was it not?

    Even if some official who is very honest does something new, and has a down to earth manner to boast of, we tend to be very happy. Such IAS officers become our heroes or angels. One such person is the present collector of Salem District in TN. Her name is Rohini. She is from Maharashtra but speaks Tamil so well. She has already done wonders.

    All fairy tales are not based on current realities. So, it is better to accept our lives as givens and go forward. Of couse, we should stick to our values at all times, come what may.

    When we pay all our taxes we are left with some little money. Guess what? If our health were to be good, we will still be happy as we need not make our doctors and already rich private hospitals, that much richer.

    We need to understand what it takes to make a difference to the world around us. If we are able to do just this, we will have done a huge favor to our own lives. I mean doing the small little things to help others, in whatever little ways we can.

    Happiness will automatically come if we are in control of our lives. Let us remember this simple fact and get on with our lives.

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