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    Can the BJP look beyond Mr. Modi & Amit Shah?

    With the recent Karnataka elections, although not in power yet, the BJP can claim a moral victory. It managed to upset the in power Congress party. Had they made the strategic pre-poll pact with JD(S), the BJP by now would have had the swearing in of it's CM candidate.

    One cannot undermine the influence of the charismatic presence and oratory skills of the PM Mr.Modi and its effect on the Karnataka results. Similarly, we cannot ignore the organizational skills of Mr.Amit Shah.

    All this is fine for BJP on its way to a Congress mukth Bharat in 2019. But logically, the influence of PM on the voters is slowly going to wane or come down. The duo can't always deliver success.

    So, Can the BJP look beyond the duo of Mr.Modi and Mr.Amit Shah? Even if it can, can it afford it?
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    Yes, what the author told is true. Various factors unknowingly helped Mr.Modi and Mr.Amit Sha to bring great success in terms of elections. First thing the scams and media projections of the UPA govt. helped to sway the General elections. Demonetization and GST even though are miserable failures and elite people have realized it but the average poor common people are seeing it as great success and they are giving great credit to BJP who is stopping all the corruption. But slowly and surely people are realizing so their effect will wane away in short course of time because no one can make believe everyone all the time.

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    Unlike Congress, BJP has been assiduously developing its second line of leadership. Although it is very difficult to fill the future void after the retirement of Modi-Shah duo, there are various leaders who will be able to take care of the party administration and Government administration. Sunil Deodhar, Dattatreya Hosabele and Ram Madhav are three such capable leaders who are very much efficient to manage party administration. They have worked at grassroots level and brought many memorable electoral wins in many states in near past.

    Similarly Piyush Goyal, Debendra Fadnabis are two very efficient administrators. Manohar Parrikar is another great administrator of the party, but, unfortunately, he is not 100% physically fit.

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    I think after the Karnataka result, we should stop accusing BJP for the GST and Demonetization. These factor really has not affected the BJP anywhere in India. Whether we believe or not but the ground reality for what the public want should be accepted instead of accusing BJP.

    Coming to the topic, I remember when BJP lost some elections, they took some very hard decision to remove Advaniji the senior leader from the high post and brought Mr. Modi. That has worked wonder for the BJP and people can see the result. I am sure unlike other party, they were surely looking for the future prospect and they were working on it.

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    If the BJP come to power during next year general election in 2019, then this would be interesting to see the upcoming personalities aftermath. Although we got some faces who might fall under the competition to the leadership posts like the CM Yogi, Nitin Gadkari, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Ram Madhav.

    I also agree with MR. Partha that, Piyush Goyal, Debendra Fadnabis could also be the two very efficient administrators. With this the Smiriti Irani could also be the good candidate. So the competition is huge.

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    I feel BJP is the party who always look and develop the second line also. When Advani and Vajpayee were at the helm of affairs they have encouraged many young people as the second line and that is why to BJP is going great without the two seniors actively involving themselves. Similarly, when the need comes the second line will automatically gear up to the top slot. Presently Modi and Shah are at the top. But there are many other leaders we can fill the gap if these two are not there also. Nitin Gadkari and Debendra Fadnabis are two classic examples for that. Parekar and Goyal also are capable.
    The important aspect here is the posts ate not hereditary. The leader will emerge from the party. They will definitely rise to the occasion.

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    This can be ascertained by a simple test. Let the BJP face the forthcoming assembly elections without Mr. Modi campaigning. Let the second line leadership fight the elections. The result will answer the question beyond any doubt.
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    I asked this question because, whenever we talk about the working of BJP with regards to elections, strategy etc, the media, the public and rest discuss only these two names. As mentioned earlier, these two cannot keep working their magic for too long. Now would this be the chink in the Armour of BJP that the opposition parties need to focus on.

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    Now for the BJP , PM Modi and Amit Shah are indispensable in many ways. PM Modi is the God sent for the BJP party as it had only one or two MP's previously and today it is controlling the central government and most of the states. All because of charismatic leader like Modi who can take the party on his own. But the main strategist is the Party President Amit Shah, whose micro planning at the booth level has given him the best results and today he cannot be underplayed or down played. Even PM Modi has much confidence on him. So without Modi and Shah, BJP is nothing.
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    Ideally, the BJP ought to go far beyond the big two of Modi and Shah.

    But the BJP just cannot do this at all. The BJP has already made Modi a big hero, trying to create a myth that he is the most honest politician, ever.

    Truth is that apart from this carefully nurtured image, Modi has nothing to show for the common man. Its record of achievement is a huge zero.

    The Congress party brought in the RTI act and also the huge National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. This was a remarkable scheme as it helped the landless laborers to at least get something. But our Modi has systematically reduced all the funding for social security schemes and has talked about Rs500 transfer to bank accounts, in lieu of all bank rations.

    Some idiotic economic advisors within the BJP are spoiling the show so badly. They do not understand the ground realities at all.

    So it is the great Shah who does all the strategies, including the most unethical ones, to cover up all the disasters of Modi.

    Well, the frustration is growing day after day, even in the BJP ruled States.

    By simply favoring the rich, the BJP cannot achieve anything at all. The second line leaders are just not available at all in the BJP. The vaccum is as bad as that of the Congress.

    Unless the BJP does some drastic surgery, 2019 will throw up the present Karnataka kind of story. With the most disastrous results. The times are just coming and there is no escape at all.

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