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    Clean Elections - Myth or a reality

    So much has been said and emphasized on clean elections in India. A large number of intending candidates endorsed the need for a clean and fair election. However, the ground reality seems to portray a different picture all together.

    By the looks of it, nothing seems to have changed. In fact, the use of money and materials to woo voters seems to be in the higher side all the time. All the cries and pleas for free, fair and transparent election have landed on DEAF ears. The Kure for quick and easy money seems to be too big a temptation to let go.

    If this is the path we have chosen then nothing will change in our society and country. The same old breed of leaders will be elected and development and progress in our country will go for a spin again and blame game will go on. If only we realise now and win over the temptation of quick and easy money.

    But who is listening...
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    Although people say that Indian electorates are very mature, in actuality, Indian voters are immature. They vote on the basis of caste, religion, region, language, and even in lieu of some cash and a liquor bottle. Only a minuscule number of Indian voters vote for development or progress.
    Under these circumstances, a clean election in India is not yet feasible.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Politicians are having only one career line that is follow a politician and work for party and when opportunity comes go for elections and if get success rule the country. This is a tough career line but very remunerative if one gets success.

    Politics is a field where people do a lot of manipulation and exercise cheap tricks to get the mileage from the situation. They will exploit the sentiments of the gullible as well as the normal public in one way or other to achieve their selfish motive. In such a situation it is really difficult to comprehend or imagine for a clean election system.

    The nexus of bureaucracy with politicians is another frieghtening factor. It adds insult to injury. These people are hand in gloves and have a strategy of inter dependence.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Here is the live example of Karnataka State election details. From that you can assess how clean our political parties and the principles they follow, how clean our politicians are and how nicely our democratic system working. 77 of the newly elected MLA's of Karnataka have criminal cases running against them. Out of these 77 candidates, 42 candidates belongs to BJP, 23 belongs to Congress, 11 belongs to JDS. In this elected members of Karnataka 215 members in their election affidavits announced have more than one crore property. 50% of the MLA's have more than 10 crores properties. So this is the real situation of our democracy.

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    Sir, i think all elections will be conducted in the very same manner for all times to come.

    The reason is that most of those who vote are people who survive on their daily wages. Even for attending a single meeting of some political party, these poor masses are paid some Rs500 or even Rs600 and free food and transport in lorries, more like cattle. They " attend" such meetings and shout slogans in favor of the very same rascals who hired them.

    This happens as a rule in Tamil Nadu. The same mass of people also attend other meetings of rascals of other parties. And get paid.

    For a single vote, amounts as high as ten thousand were paid by one third rate rascal of the Sasikala group, in a recent by election in Chennai. The poor think the money comes back to them from the very amount looted from them.

    Times will never change. We are destined to see what we have been seeing in the past twenty years--the worst of elections won by the most corrupt means possible in our country.

    Unless people change, nothing will happen. This, of course, is a very big ask.

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    Although the fair election can't be the case but we can make an effort for doing a bit better from the last time. A lot has been changed since independence. That we used to cast our votes through ballot papers which wasn't an easy task but now we are using the ballot machines which is easy to handle & having fast response as this don't have much manual jobs associated with this but only required for few buttons to press. In addition, that the media is playing a crucial role & we got to know about what's happening to our locality or somewhere within a few time of its happening so we are into the system with more information available to us & at any time. We need to interpret this to some meaningful analysis so as to be more aware of the facts & not moving around the fictions or the manipulated information.

    Politics is a game wherein everyone is in competition & only the thing matters most is "Winning". So keeping this as a fact the fair election got a little meaning.

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    In the present days, there is no chance for clean elections. Thinking of clean elections is a myth only. Many voters don't know the value of the vote. They think it is just going to polling centre and pressing a button. They never think of the after effects if the vote for a wrong person. They simply go by the unimportant and waste parameters like caste, religion and group. They never see the merits of the candidate. The night before elections will play a crucial role and everywhere you will find money and liquor pouring around. As long as the Indian Voter will not understand the value of his vote we should not expect to have a fair election.
    Many people who know the importance of vote will never go for voting as they don't know where is their booth to vote. But people we don't the values will go and vote as per their own understanding. So I don't think Indian can't have a fair election.

    always confident

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    There is nothing clean in elections barring a few clean leaders and clean election officials.

    Today we had a report about unsuccessful candidates in Mysuru bringing people to police station on the charges that they offered to tamper or hack the EVMs and they had evidence. Similarly the voters were give free t-shirts, household items and money. Whether this is true or not, it opens the doors for money playing a big role. All this in exchange for votes. An aspirant has to shell out money to get a ticket and then spend a fortune on the 'election campaign' to get elected. Once done he or she would focus on how to get the returns for what they have spent so far.
    In the present Karnataka elections, there are allegations that money upto 100 crores is being offered for MLAs to switch sides and to prevent anyone changing sides, the Congress and JD(S) have kept them under house arrest like we treat suspects.

    We all know that BJP in Karnataka is short of the magic number by 9, if they achieve it, then the questions become irrelevant to the common man who can only vote. So, clean elections would largely be a myth.

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