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    Why Govt. should pay to the officials ?

    Hello everyone, I don't know whether anyone remembers me or not but I am here after a long time.

    I am having one serious question regarding the ongoing pattern and the system of this elections. We all know that the total budget of the whole election process is huge and it's a burden to the developing country like us. Despite this, we waste lots of taxpayers money like anything. Now my point is that why this govt. officials should get paid for working in the elections. Those officials are already getting paid for their work as an employee and in those days they are doing the Govt. duty. They are just doing their work somewhere else that's it. I feel this is just waste of money by the Govt. and if stopped can save thousands of crores. What do you think please enlighten me?
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    Just now (:only 45 seconds ago) I have read a Bengali news-item which has stated a Presiding Officer in the Panchayat election was forcibly taken out from the centre, brutally killed and his body was cut into pieces. Whom? The answer is known to all in West Bengal (but I can't state it on this platform because I am now afraid of controversy.

    But the question is: Who will compensate this irreparable loss and how?

    I request the author to ask questions after knowing the rules, procedures, service conditions and other related things. I also ask him if he is ready to work as Presiding Officer in a Panchayat election in his own State if he is paid Rs. 50/- for the election day or for the counting day and a packet of food (of course, without water).

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    Well, I must say like every beautiful politician you have successfully altered my question with very little touch to the original context. Violence in the election is a different issue and you can't blame any particular party for that. Everyone is same just the other face of the coin. It's prime duty of the election commision to see these things beside conducting elections if not the existing state or central govt.

    I know the rules and regulations, procedures as well the service conditions a person has to face. I have raised my voice for the change. Arrangements can be automatically improved when expenses on staffs will be stopped. Corruption has deep presence while distributing money to the staffs as the whole procedure is in cash. Who will stop that ?

    Those working govt provides, transportation, place to stay in the night (if needeed) and food (again quality can be improved as I mentioned above) also money which is unnecessery. You are already getting paid for being an employee for that day. This is something you have to feel for your country untill unless you will be hocked in these excuses.

    I am ready to work as a Presiding Officer in a Panchayat election in my State for the election day or for the counting day with a packet of food and water and yes without any additional money !


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    Then go and submit an application to the State Election Commission stating that you would work as Presiding Officer without any money. And your family won't object to any harm caused to you due to election violence. And what is the question of corruption here?

    Political violence was brought in this thread to tell common people that the hapless Government employees have to perform election duty compulsorily with a ridiculous amount, which is barely sufficient for two cups of tea, two biscuits and a bottle of mineral water. And you want to stop even this much amount!

    Why so much hatred towards Government employee? If you stop the daily allowance (@Rs. 50/-) of Government employees for election duty, will the corruption stop or will it start from that point?

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    I would like to say something here. Talking about the government officials you said, they should not be paid for performing duty during elections time. But why not I must say. Even we all are serving our country in some way or the other. Even if you are working in the private sector, you get paid for working extra, for working during the off hours. So, why not in the government sector. By seeking a good job and sharing our knowledge with other people, we are doing a lot for the country. Same way government officials are playing their own part.
    In fact, if the corruption is to be reduced, the government should follow proper regulations for this. And look for paying equal values to every contributing individual. It is up to them, to maintain accuracy and be accountable for everything at that point in time.

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    @Mr Partha: In this country where there are dealings in cash corruption has to be there. I have many proofs also. Secondly, I think you are not aware of the current rate of allowances paid either you don't work for the government or has retired long ago it's nowhere near 50 rupees. Frankly saying I don't know in which era you are living. I am providing you 2 documents couldn't get hold of the latest one but these will open your eyes. (Just double the amount the rate is provided in the 2014 document)


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    @Mr Partha: See the attachments in the previous post and also this one ... (2014 rates are doubled since then)

    @Miss Pooja: Exactly you can't bargain everywhere and in everything. Do you ask money if you do something for your parents or friend? Definitely no, likewise this is also your duty towards your country which you have to do. This is just the difference in your thinking.

    Private companies do not give that comfort and facilities which a govt. employee enjoys. I have nothing with the govt. employees and my house is full of them working both for the Central as well as the State.



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    Such questions come to our mind that when the Govt servants are already getting salaries, why should they be paid further for election duties.

    Govt departments can not work in an arbitrary fashion. They have to abide by certain rules and regulations and follow certain procedures. Extra renunerations are as per laid down procedures.

    Even after getting good salaries and perks these Govt employees fight for more facilities and allowances.

    Now the point is that in a country where job condition is very bad why Govt servants should be paid more in whatever form it is. The author has raised this issue in a slightly different perspective but the undercurrent is very clear.

    The salaries in unorganised or private sector are also at lower side, except a few who are at top managerial positions. So can Govt take a bold decision to cut down the emoluments of its employees to bring them in parity to others? That is a crucial question which is difficult to answer and no ruling party will dare to touch that issue as that will further affect the already ailing manufacturing, service and GDP like aspects.

    Every Govt will appease its employees in one way or other. What is the solution then?

    Knowledge is power.

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    The amount paid to the Presiding Officers or Polling Officers performing duties in the local bodies is abysmally low. And what is the relationship between corruption in election process with the meagre payment paid to officers performing election duty?
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    We can better understand the system when we are a part of this & so let's not go beneath this as these are just our observation from outside & the possible outcome for which we are putting our ideas onto about what should be the changes in the current system.

    Although it's a good move by the author but if the remuneration are being given on the basis of the agreed terms & conditions then no one should have any issues in context to it. This amount were never the same but have been in revision since long that currently this got to such amount. Adding, that I don't find these remuneration being connected to any corruption as this all transferred electronically to the respective bank account so no cash transactions involved.

    The government jobs have always been attractive to all of us because of the safety in terms of jobs & the facilities being provided to the employees. These are also the salaried class segment so why any objection.

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    I have a strong objection to this thread because the author has tried to link the corruption in the election process with the paltry amount which the Government employees get for performing election duty at a different place, sometime with very considerable risk.
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    How by stop paying TA and DA to the official who is doing on duty work, will reduce the corruption. In any Organisation either government or private, if the employee has to go somewhere other than his regular workplace he has to be paid some amount towards his travelling expenses, boarding expenses and lodging expenses. Otherwise, they have to spend this money from his pocket. So it is not fair to ask them to work without taking this amount. At the same time, I know how much time the government will take to release this money to the employees. Of course, I am not a government employee and I never performed any election duty. But I know people who have done this. They have to spend sleepless nights in the remote places where people will have not even hesitate to kill these officers if they perform their duty properly.
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    The author has raised a very valid question but he has not addressed vital questions.

    One vital question is: why should the party in the Centre or the State still continue in power when its term is coming to an end?

    Why not amend the rules in this regard? What will happen, in say for just thirty days,if the Government were to be dissolved and Governor s rule imposed for thirty days before the new Government takes over?

    In Tamil Nadu, the late Chief Minister treated the entire machinery as her own private party. She would often go to one of her corrupt properties, near Ooty and her entire Government machinery would fly down to Coimbatore, the nearest city at Government expense.

    All this before the election. So, what is the money given to officials when compared to those amounts?

    Furthermore, the Government officials do a massive job, risking their lives as pointed out by one of the members.

    Whenever there is a State election, the ruling party or the main opposition party at the Center, should bear all expenses of the Prime Minister and his gang or the Opposition parties concerned.

    For example, why the hell should we pay for Mr Modi 's expenses, incurred in connection with the recent Karnataka elections?

    Is it not ridiculous that we pay for his private work, purely party work? What about the shameless idiot from Tamil Nadu, in the Union Cabinet, who comes down to Tamil Nadu at Government expense, for his private work?

    We need to address all such questions. Let us not blame the Government staff. The elections only help ill gotten money to come back to the economy, even it is all black money. So, it benefits the poor, who get back some of the money looted. Such money would never get spent at any other point in time.

    So, the discussion should go on to take all fundamental questions into account and discuss such vital questions threadbare.

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    @Umesh: Sir, I appreciate your understanding and thinking. The solution of this thing is that these norms of paying for performing your duty towards your nation should be stopped.

    @Partha: Sir, I am giving you a current document which I have been able to pull out with the help of my friend Gora. Now let's come to a clear calculation:-

    Duties: 4 days:- 1st Training, 2nd Training, The day before polling at RC (receiving centre), Day of Polling

    For Presiding Officer:- Duty days 350 x 4 is 1400, Contingency is 300, Food 150 x 2 is 300, Mobile Msg is 50, Total = 2050

    1, 2, 3, 4 polling officer:- Duty Days 250 x 4 is 1000, Food 150 x 2 is 300, Total = 1300

    Counting of votes is extra money (500)

    Attachment of Document: WEST BENGAL STATE ELECTION COMMISSION (Date: 30.04.2018)

    @Partha: I think you have not gone through the documents I have provided earlier. So please don't use adjectives like little, mere, paltry and so on. The amount is huge if you consider all the elections over 5-year tenure. It will be more than several thousand crores.

    @Ved Prakash Anand: Sir these sums are paid in cash please do some ground reality check you will easily find why corruption is linked in it. The transactions are all in hard cash. The distributors can easily fake names and ids not at the top level but down the order where on paper and reality workers number simply does not match. This is not just observation it's reality.



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    In prinicple working for the government and working on election duty is not the same. yes, they are getting paid but they are being given an addition emolument in recognition for their service on the election days.

    We all know about the regular teaching staff in the Government and private sector who go for paper evaluation in the universities, they are paid a small amount for each paper they correct. Although the have their basic pay, this is in addition for their efforts to come for paper evaulation, invigilation duty etc.

    I don't think, there is anything wrong about it. Such duites require a large amount of manpower and when we multiply the acutal amount given, the final total will be high but this should not discourage or stop the government from paying the staff who work on election duty.

    The only way to stop this completely would be mandatory election duties for all legal citizens who are chosen at random.

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    Election duty is always coupled with risk factor for life and hence many officials wont opt for this job for the pittance amount whereas it has risk for their own life. That is why money has to be given for discharging election duty. What the EC must do that , those who are government employees while entering the job , they should give a bond to the government for continuing the election duties without asking for any amount. But at present most of the teachers are being pressed into the job and they are often posted to remote areas and they fear for their life and hence they have to be paid for the election duties.
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    @Absivakumar: I absolutely agree with you on this matter and that's a separate issue and demands another thread.

    I am not blaming any govt. staffs or officials rather I see this as an opportunity to serve your country back in return for what you are drawing from the govt. in many ways.

    @Natarajan: Why principle is not the same? In first case you are working for the government and in another case you are helping that same govt. to form for which you will work later, isn't this same ?

    Just tell me who will check those copies if you are not a teacher. I am sorry to say that it's a shameful act that being a teacher you are provided extra bucks for checking copies. It should be mandatory for all the teachers to check copies without any extra money in your pocket. The quality of checking will also improve.

    Now the worst situation is that even after getting by these people are they correct. Children commit suicides, leave their home after they get poor or failing marks only due to wrong and poor checking of their paper. So please don't put these reasons on the table.

    Yes, the suggestion you gave is good somehow. A certain age level can be made mandatory say 25 to 45 where all citizens will have to take the work in this elections. Failure of this may draw serious actions against them at various levels with proper terms and conditions. Election and voting are for all not only for govt. employees.


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    On second thought, I have come to the conclusion that Government employees should not take any salary at all. They must study hard for 1-2 years to clear the toughest examinations of the world, and then serve the people of the country by paying from their own pocket.
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    @ K Mohan: Sir, this can't be any reason that you are paid because there are risks in this election. It's a matter of shame for us that elections are not violence free. I feel not only teachers every govt. employee should be deputed in this election process and celebrate this like a festival rather be in a traumatised condition.

    @ Partha K.: I am happy at least you gave a second thought and this is very kind of you.

    [The last sentence has been removed by forum editor.]


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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Pritam, I doubt whether you are aware of the service rules and matters connected to the same. There is no doubt that a government official is paid for his job but then there is a provision for providing extra allowances for any additional job he does. Election duty is an additional job and that is why they are paid allowances for the same and there is nothing wrong with it. Suppose that I am stationed at Nagpur and is allotted a duty at a different station; I would be entitled to the travelling allowance and also dearness allowance in addition to a claim for extra allowances against my officially accepted expenditures. So, there is nothing wrong with paying government servants who are engaged in election duties. There may be objections with regard to the amount being paid but otherwise, I think it is perfectly legal and fine.
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    There is nothing wrong in paying the officials employed in election duty. Election duty is a special duty. As Saji Ganesh said it very clearly, a government servant is entitled for extra, special allowances for the job performed for a special cause.
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