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    Now what is the next travel destination for 'atma-chintan' (introspection)?

    Karnataka Governor has invited nvites BJP's BS Yeddyurappa to take the oath and form Karnataka Government. For the last two days, the President of Congress was remarkably silent. Most probably, there were only two tweets from him, one on the price increase of petrol and diesel and another one thanking the voters of Karnataka. The manoeuvre and coalition-making discussion were being managed by the old and experienced leaders of the party.

    Now that the effort of his party has not borne any fruit, most probably he would proceed for another 'átma-chintan' in another exotic foreign location.

    I would like to know what is the next travel-destination of the President of the Congress party for the next round of 'atma-chintan'. Can anyone guess?
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    I request other Members of ISC to indicate their choice/view about the next possible destination.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Let us not be over critical . That will not serve any purpose.

    It is very well proved that Rahul Gandhi is kept just as an ornamental head. That is needed for the Congress to be glued together as a unit at least as it is now. Otherwise it will jut go splinters. It is very well proved in umpteen situations and contexts that Rahul Gandhi cannot take leadership and cannot lead when the party is in crisis. It is actually a Regent Rule that is going on in Congress. That suits everyone in Congress. Criticising him more and more is giving him unrealistic prominence beyond the capacity and deserve.

    It is high time the senior and sincere Congress leaders to come out of the parivar and steer the historic party. Whatever we say and criticise, we need Congress party in this country. It still has many level headed and mature leaders, but who lie silent and subdued due to the parivar psychology which has kept the party in anaesthesia.

    Definitely the Congress President will be given green signal to come out and give a pre-prepared statement by his speech writers when the scene is safe and clear, and when the media need some press copy.

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    It will be at No.7, Lok Kalyan Marg, New Delhi.
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    But 7, Lok Kalyan Marg is in Delhi. It is not in a foreign country. For 'atma-chintan', exotic foreign locations are required.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    For a change, it will be good. Our Prime Minister is out of the country most of the time. He will be going to Russia now. Some day or other Rahul Gandhi is likely to stay there.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I am of the opinion that the time shouldn't be spent on anything if it is not worth of. So in the case of Rahul Gandhi, the personality who never said or did that we should feel proud of then there is no use to keep on discussing & reminding of him. He never faced the ground realities of the Indian soil nor he got the maturity to deal with the most basic problems or issues like the employment & the infrastructure. From the time I saw him during interview in the "TimesNow" to till date I find no difference other then to just keep on raising the fiction stories & making nonsense of these.

    Nothing has been said on behalf of him which could be worth listening of. So, what he is doing or what he is not doing shouldn't be part of our business or make it up to us to decide about what our approach should be.

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    I feel Rahul is kept as the president of the party as he is from the Nehru family. Otherwise, he doesn't have any qualities to be the chief of such a famous well-established party. So there will not be any use of discussing the matter many times.
    One good thing to be noticed is the % of votes Congress party got is more than that of BJP.
    It will be of no use to discuss more and more about him. It is not worth.
    So let us not guess anything about his next foreign visit for Atma Chintan.
    I feel somebody from the party should emerge and take the lead and try to revive the party. Otherwise, this all India party will become non-existent. But in Congress party who will bell the cat is the question.

    always confident

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    For Mr.Rahul Gandhi, the next introspection should be at the party headoffice, New-Delhi and it should be in a positive note. The vote share of Congress in Karnataka is 38% for Congress and 36.2% for BJP. For the congress pre-poll campiagn it looked that only Siddaramiah was in the forefront with the other senior leaders staying back.

    They lost Goa and Manipur to poll alliances and if we apply the same yardstick, then Congress should be in power in Karnataka. So, all is not lost. He should also assess the opposition BJP is riding a wave of success resting on the shoulders of Mr.Modi and Mr.Amit Shah and the law of averages mean that this will stop sometime soon.

    At the introspection, the senior leaders, Mr.Rahul and Sonia Gandhi should pick up a senior leader who has the vision and ability to link with the voters ( like our PM) and then Rahul Gandhi should step down as the Prime ministerial candidate. He should in the limelight supervising the organisation and learning from the seniors, inviting alliances from other parties like TDP, AIADMK etc so that by next year the congress would be in line for a shot at wining the elections.

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