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    Allopathy versus Homeopathy

    Being into the country where pollution reaches faster than the humans, we are all used to of taking medicines. Having a fever or a cough or cold, be it a headache, the very first solution is a medicine. A medicine that could give you instant relief.

    We have classified the medicines into two majorly:

    1. Allopathic medicines
    2. Homeopathic.

    However, there is one more category added now and that is the Ayurvedic one. But we will mainly talk about these two :

    Allopathic medicines we usually intake when we have a fever, cold or some normal kind of suffering. These medicines provide instant relief to the users. So, we feel that we should consume allopathically. Allopathic medicine provides relief by affecting the natural defense of our body, which brings down our immune system. It even sometimes disturbs our metabolism.

    Homeopathy, in turn, has a time taking effect on our disease. It heals us by not affecting our natural process and attacking the root cause of any disease. Homeopathic treatment does take time but it has no side effects. It heals in a proper way. Homeopathic is easier to consume, as the taste gets sweet because of the ingredient mixed in it. For people of old age, homeopathic is the best option for curing any disease.

    But there is one thing that I observe, for big diseases like heart problems or diabetes, people intake allopathic medicines, as doctors recommend the same. Why is that? Is there no cure of these through homeopathic medicines ?

    So, this is how both the medicines have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Which one is your preference?
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    Very interesting thread and deserves a thorough discussion. The question that which system of medicine or curing is effective in what type of ailment has intrigued the common people and the scientists alike. No one knows the answers perfectly.

    The modern science boasts of allopathy and the doctors prescribe it left and right for every ailment. There are severe side actions of these medicines but to get well we have to go for them. They are the most commonly consumed medicines.

    When it comes to Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Acupuncture, Naturopathy etc the story is different. These are not backed by the modern science but have got their own merit based on their historical efficacies and experience of the people. Very few doctors will have a good knowledge of these alternative medicines as they are not backed by extensive research and attention which allopathy has got.

    So due to these aspects, we do not get useful and foolproof advice when we go to an alternative medicine doctor. I have seen some honest doctors who will in certain conditions tell you not to go for these alternative medicines and go to allopathy instead. Of course, it will depend on the severity of the disease.

    In serious and severe conditions no physician will dare to tell the patients to go for alternative medicines as there is always the danger of losing a life in such cases.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Only 1/10th of the antidote is used in homeopathy . So many doctors argue that homeopathy isn't even real. I although think homeopathy can be trusted because of the faith-healing. If you trust that a sugar ball can cure your cancer, it will.
    And in the similar way even thousands of dollars put in medicine can't save you if you don't believe.

    Belief heals people more than medicine.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Homoeopathy is also a very scientifically developed methodology and if the physician is a man with in-depth knowledge can surely do a go treatment and many ailments were cured by this method. it is not sugar ball treatment,
    Sugar ball is a carrier for the actual medicine. Allopathy is having its own merits and demerits. Many allopathic medicines will have side effects and if somebody is using the medicines regularly his body will become immune to that medicine.
    In my opinion, it is the diagnosis that is more important. If one can identify the actual problem in the system, getting cured is not a problem. These days the doctors will not have a holistic approach towards the problem. But in homoeopathy, they take the complete history and connect all the problems to a single disorder and try to cure it.

    always confident

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    Well this is interesting as well as ever going debate also old. If I were in your place I would also give proper place to Naturopathy and Ayurveda as well. You can't categories into these two only. Regarding retreatment, I have myself as well as very good experience when homoeopathy comes into play even after diagnosing and treatment for quite some time with allopathy gave no such fruitful results but homoeopathy was spot on. The effects can be clearly observed after 40 days of treatment. Yes, it takes a good amount of time but the results are promising and usually, those problems do not recur which is vital.

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    We cannot discuss this topic in one thread. What treatment we choose depends on the condition of the patient, the severity of the disease, the availability of good practitioners of all the branches of healing and most important of all, the trust/first choice that patient often makes. We cannot compare and contrast this in general, we need to see for a particular disease, what are the options and what are the benefit of each modality.

    The preception that allopathy/homeopathy is good or bad is based on what we hear, what we see and the way the speciality is marketed.

    For instance, for a cough or cold, we wouldn't think too much about taking a tablet of modern medicine or homeopathy. But the same if it were to be a person suffering from a cancer of the intestine, many would reach out to allopathic, few for lack of money, in very advanced cases would reach out to other specialities. Even in modern medicine, there is an acceptance of the holistic approach to cure.

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