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    Should parents and students look beyond merit?

    Most of us have grown with the concept that good marks, academic excellence means a good job, a stable career and a decent pay.

    But over the years, some of us have learned the hard way that it is not true often. There is a gross inequality in the supply and demand equation in most job sectors. Even when candidates apply, there is a gross inequality with reservation, influence and unfair practices of recruitment being in vogue.

    In short, we have reached a point wherein a brilliant student from a middle-class family who does not have any reservation and other supports cannot depend on merit alone to get the job or promotion.

    Instead of getting disheartened after UG or PG, and going through the emotional trauma of a setback, I think we parents and students, at a much early stage, have to start looking beyond merit , a good performance in sports, an additional language, an additional distance learning degree, be on the lookout for jobs overseas, be more keen on internships etc.
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    Yes Sir. This is a must. Mere merit in terms of marks will not take our children far and, worse, may leave them stranded in the rat race.

    Additional skills are so important, even if means taking a break from work. For instance, those who work as HR managers or Finance Managers often get to do a one year Executive MBA course from IIMs or other branded B schools, to equip themselves far better in even new careers.

    This is a must. Software professionals do additional courses in cloud computing, SAP or in robotics. This is just to stay ahead of the competitors and surge ahead when new opportunities open up.

    And new opportunities are there aplenty. Look for example, the huge opportunities in event management. The latest is the concept of thematic weddings. Interior design, for example, has now emerged as a superb career option.

    So is tourism management, with sky as the limit for result oriented professionals.

    The day is not far off when we would only see multi-skilled and multi-taskers everywhere. The others will be left behind.

    Sir, merit needs to be combined with all emerging opportunities available in chosen, allied, or even totally new fields.

    This is an urgent imperative.

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    Through being on the merit side, we speak of the most basic of the qualifications & so this required anywhere. But as per the author the student should also be equipped with the additional skills so as to keep the options open in case if one doesn't work.

    But on the other hand the numbers of courses & the areas could be confusing for a student. So let the student be free & at the same time let the student decide of the options that he want to go for. Interference by the parents & the teachers are required but only to a preliminary level or stage or just to ensure of the proper guidance. As per me the students from their early stage should get involved in the daily tasks of household so as to keep them aware of the activities around us & at the same time this will enable for obtaining more information of practical scenario or circumstances.

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    It is true. Merit alone is not sufficient these days. We should have something else beyond this. After my M.Sc, I got selected in the written test for Junior lecturer post for Government colleges. But I was not selected in the interview. I don't understand why I failed in the oral test. It is not that I have not answered their questions. I did well. But the result was different for the reasons known. I don't have any backup or recommendations or reservations to get selected for the post. In the same year, I got qualified in the written test for PO in Andhra Bank. Again I couldn't make it in the interview because of the same reasons.
    Even after acquiring additional qualifications and more skills also unless otherwise, you have some support or reservation getting a government job is difficult. But fortunately the private Organisations are purely going by merit and there we will have a better stand and chances of getting a private job are high for a skilled and qualified person.

    always confident

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