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    Reducing inequalities to maximum extent possible in our own ways

    Forget all macro and micro economics. Forget the trickle down theory, for, the trickle down theory does not work all time. Inequalities abound and, in a very big way.

    We should remember that we can and,should, reduce inequalities in our own way. Here is how we all can do this, so that the poor, often at least two or three ladders down in the economic pecking order, live a lot better than what they would do otherwise.

    I do this so often and I have the glow in their eyes. Their sense of gratitude is always overwhelming.

    When we spend upwards of rupees eight hundred for breakfast for three people, we can give just rupees twenty to the poor boy who cleans our plates immediately after we have had our food. The server deserves rupees twenty too.

    When we come out, the poor watchman who would salute us three times when we enter the restaurant, deserves another twenty rupees too, as he would help us take out our car safely and get out of the place.

    So, the rupees sixty is absolutely nothing. A very small fraction of what we spend happily. Imagine if there are just twenty customers like us, each of the three poor men (rarely women too are servers) would be richer by Rs400 on a single day and this will help them tide over school or college fees or transport cost or very costly medical expenses. That there are even servers aged more than sixty should make us guilty and prompt us to give small amounts to them.

    Likewise, it is so essential that we increase the monthly wages by at least one hundred and fifty rupees every year and them a good annual bonus and also give them our old clothes and loans or donations for education of their children. If we educate atleast one child, we would done a world of good.

    The poor plumbers, electricians,the carpenters and courier boys also deserve a lot more help in whatever ways we can. Alternatively, we need to pool our resources by sourcing like-minded people and donating to organizations that take care of terminally ill poor people, more so, those suffering from cancer.

    Economists who submit research papers on poverty laugh all the way to their banks. No one really knows if they do their bit to reduce inequalities.

    Not all of us are famous economists. But there is always an economy of the poor, by the poor and, for the poor. It is this economy that needs all our attention and, help.

    That, positively, would add some value to our existance as human beings leading far better lives than those millions on the other side.
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    If we go on increasing the population while we are not carrying the resources accordingly, will prove for such existence. This is important to know that the developed nations like the USA or the Japan too has got the population who doesn't even capable of earning their daily needs but for sure the percentage within the differences could be miniscule that we don't put them into the categories of below standard. But in our country, this social strata remains a concern.

    Once an iconic destinations of scholars & seekers, has now been changed to a land of scarcity & superstitions & with economic disparity. We are now bound by our own complications for growth & development. That our mentality has been set to think religiously & for the community we belongs to. We have to come over all this in order to be more responsible towards our society & towards the nation as a whole.

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    Being generous towards poor is always good. Giving good tips to the people who are serving us is a good gesture. But how many people in our country are suffering even without those small jobs also which are mentioned by the author? How to support them and how to see that they will also get two square meals a day? This is to be addressed. Many people these who go to a restaurant and big hotels will never hesitate to give tips more than twenty also. I have seen many people leaving hundred rupees also as a tip. But is it going to solve the problem?
    There should be means and ways to people to earn money by their hard work and employment opportunities are to be created. It is always better to show a way to earn food than donating food. How long and how many we can support by donating?

    always confident

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    Sir please do understand that all people mentioned in my input do all hard work for even twelve hours per day. They ought to be recognized and helped.

    The much wider question of new jobs is a huge question. What about population control, Sir? We are starring at jobless growth because robots are increasing day after day. IT will effectively reduce jobs.

    So, the best alternative is to go back to population control measures. The service sector boom is fine but it will not offer any solution at all. Population has to be controlled at any cost. Unfortunately we only feel proud that we will overtake China shortly. We will only learn through hard and bad experiences.

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    Inequalities are going to stay as long as different thought people are going to stay in the system and there cannot be justification to sort out equalities. Even if we try to surpass others and pass orders on own, we would be bowed down by strong forces against the qualities.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The good intentions of the author are praiseworthy but simply giving tips or rewarding a person for his work may not yield the requisite results of upliftment.

    Some people even argue that we should not give a person a penny more than what he deserves so that he understands the value of money and works hard for it. Another thing is many people do not want to share their hard earned money with the beggars.

    So the crux of the problem is lack of employment opportunities and overall poverty which is to be managed by national level schemes and endeavours so that people get the conducive environment to earn their livelihood in decent ways rather than getting a tip here and there.

    We must learn from highly populated countries like China who has managed a high level of GDP and engagement of its masses in construction activities and other small-scale activities.

    I went through a report where it is mentioned that in China, a farmer gets 6 to 7 yen for an item which sells in the market for 11 to 13 yen. It is unbelievable and if it is true we have to ponder how they are achieving this.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Sir, China is still a communist country, though it has now opened its doors to the world.

    And its record of human rights is a big zero. Quite apart from this, in our own country there are superb examples where the farmer has far better returns for his produce, even when private parties are involved. For example,the e-choupal initiative of ITC has helped farmers to enter markets and get far better prices, through IT infrastructure. It is called co-creation of the best kind. More such initiatives are called for.

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    Members kindly understand that it is through the small little ways that inequalities can be reduced. These are only small suggestions.

    Remember, social peace can only occur when the gap between the poor and the rich is not so wide.

    Such small things also show what it takes to be caring and sharing, to our own children. Compassion, kindness and care for suffering have all to be demonstrated through action. Servant maids automatically need monthly increments every year and a good bonus too. We can easily spend these peanut amounts. We should remember the spin off, in terms of difference it makes at a wider society level.

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    This thread is questioning competitiveness.

    Equality and compassion are different.
    I think, you are suggesting inculcating compassion among people.

    Dear friend,
    We all are different and unique. The celebration of this difference makes the world a better place to live. There are winners and losers. How we react to the winning and losing counts. Teach people grace in victory and defeat.
    There is nothing wrong in healthy competition, striving for excellence.

    Everybody has a place in this world and everybody is needed. We should not try to be equal. Squeezing everyone into one box named Equality only breed resentment and discord.
    Celebrate the differences.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    Am afraid Mr Neeraj has brought in a totally new dimension, which was not the intent of the thread at all.

    The thread merely tried to focus on reducing inequalities. Noboby wants to question "competitiveness", which is totally outside the scope of the thread itself.

    Mr Neeraj, please do note. The restaurant owner is fully justified in paying some " x" wage to the server or the cleaner, to be "competitive". Fine. I have not questioned this at all. He is fully justified.

    Now comes the compassion angle. If I give Rs20 and nineteen others give Rs 20, the guy will take home Rs400 on that day. Will this reduce inequality or not?

    Pl do note, he will never be equal to you and me. He may not even be a graduate. So, he is where he is. The poor server is even below the server. My thread merely talked about reducing inequalities. That we cannot remove them and make them equal to you and me, is crystal clear, Sir. I have had a fat salary with huge perks for a number of years. My savings, even today, is okay. My children are well settled.

    We can never try to place everyone in the "equality" box,Sir. I know this as much as you do. Please do understand competitiveness was not discussed at all. Compassion can always reduce inequalities, Sir. This has nothing to do with competitiveness.

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    The word 'inequality' has wide meaning. I think, you are discussing about financial inequality only. In that case you are absolutely correct.
    I would like to say here that If you define equality as treating everyone as same, intelligence, physical build, financial strength etc. This is not possible. This will prevent meritorious people to form.

    If you define equality as treating everyone with equal rights, then it is ok.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    Inequalities like these are part and parcel of any society. The difference would be in how the authorities support the people who are at a disadvantage or in need of help. Yes, we need to proactively get involved in reducing the inequalities but giving money or tips is not the answer.
    For instance, a large tip to these people even if done with noble intentions can have a fallout. The people who see easy money from patrons would except the same or even demand similar amounts from other customers and favouritism related issues. By all means, help but doling out money should not be the first option as it is only a short-term measure.

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