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    Why did they laugh at me?

    During my childhood days, we used to see sparrows everywhere. It was the most common bird in Kolkata. In Delhi also, sparrow was very common till the early 2000s. But now sparrow has become very rare in almost all Indian cities. Many experts say that the radiation from mobile towers is the main reason behind this phenomenon.

    So, I was very delighted when I noticed that a pair of sparrows has been building a nest in the letter-box of my immediate neighbour. Most probably eggs are laid. Today morning, I met my neighbour and informed him about the nest in his letter-box. He was very perplexed. But when I left, I could hear that both husband-wife, as well as their children, were laughing loudly. I have no doubt that they were laughing because of my request to be careful about the nest.

    Was it the real reason? Were they laughing at me? Was my request so ridiculous? Now, I am very perplexed.
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    From the whole picture I don't see any reason being perplexed or puzzled. What you did is what you felt good of & so you informed this to your neighbor. The matters end here but still if some confusion then go & ask them & even if this doesn't suite you then ignore the thing.

    The laughing could also be the reason of some personal matters or the TV shows that they would have watching. BY the way if this gets cleared then pl. go ahead & share with us.

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    Maybe what you thought very important has appeared silly to them. These days people will not give much importance to nature and its beauty. They always will be happy with their own technology-driven world. So they thought that it is not so important for them to take care of the nest.
    However, I regularly see sparrows in my front area. We have some trees in the front and backyard of my house. So sparrows will keep visiting this place regularly. But crows are not visible at all.
    I think you need not worry much about their laughing, whatever you can do you have done it. You just ignore and forget about the incident. let us hope that your neighbours will protect the nest and sparrows.

    always confident

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    Sometimes the reasons for a spontaneous laugh by a group of people is difficult to find out.

    These are the sudden bursts of the feeling or a response to some funny remark by a person which incidently happens simultaneously to some other matter told by another person.

    In your case something like that might have happened and if it is so then the whole thing is a normal incidence.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The laughing could be related to an entirely different issue. At the most, if the family have no regard or appreciation for bird life and the little animals around us, they would have laughed at your 'inapporpirate concern'

    I don't think, you need to be concerned too much, you have done the right thing out of consideration for the little winged friends. please continue doing so.

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    What appears as very important to us, may not be so for others, who might have different perceptions and priorities in life.

    This might just be case with your neighbors. Or it might be a reaction to what they perceive as unimportant or silly.

    It is also quite possible that they were discussing something serious or important and, given that context, your information was merely seen as a comic interlude.

    Whatever be the reason, please do check with them the reason as to why they burst into laughter. But ask this after a while -- may be ten days later, as all would have been lost in memory, but fresh when recalled. However, if honest or seemingly honest feedback is not forthcoming, forget the entire episode as a bygone and get on with life.

    You will also do well to reach out to nature lovers and share some good thoughts and experiences, without mentioning anything this experience. It is quite possible that such people do have a lot more to share and take things forward.

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