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    Why our Prime Minister was absent at Yeddyurappa's swearing in ceremony?

    Mr. Yeddyurappa was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka today morning. It was a proud moment for him as he declared the date and time well before the election results were announced. Mr.Yeddyurappa expected to win 130 seats. Even though the BJP fell short of the magical figure of 112, it was invited by the Governor to form the Government. Mr. Yeddyurappa very much wanted the Prime Minister to be present at the ceremony. Mr. Narendra Modi our Prime Minister always attends the swearing-in ceremony of BJP won States. This time after fighting a bitter battle going to new lows in the campaigning, the Prime Minister skipped the swearing-in ceremony. I am surprised to see our Prime Minister skipping the swearing-in ceremony.
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    Mr. Modi has a lot to do in his schedule which is even more important instead of being present in the swearing in ceremony. He is a party member as well other then handling the PM post & so he was accountable for his party as well. And now as the job has been done he might have left for something important.

    He is the most unreadable person dedicated for his duties & so lets see what's coming up.

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    it is true Mr Modi always attends the swearing-in ceremony of BJP won states. probably he might have thought BJP has not won the battle here as there is a short of a majority and we really don't know whether the CM can prove his majority. That is why he might have skipped the function. I understand even Shah is also absent.
    Once Karnataka was a strong base of BJP and the person who sworn in today as CM was CM for to earlier terms. But this time they couldn't get the complete majority. So he might have thought that this is not a fair victory. That may be another reason for his absence.

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    The victory in Karnataka still is not cemented, the SC rulings and the effects of the protests are pending. Proving the majority is still kept under wraps, what is the plan of the BJP top brass, how will they indulge in 'gathering the numbers' needs is all unclear.

    In such an environment, we have had a hastily organised swearing in ceremony, so the PM would have decided to skip the ceremonies. What was more important the election campaign and the rallies attended by Mr.Modi and Mr.Shah.

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    A boy was appearing in the Board examination. He had prepared well and told others that he would score 95%. But the question paper was tough and the atmosphere in the examination hall was not very conducive. Even then, he scored 90% and that was the highest marks.

    But the boy, in spite of scoring the highest marks, is now little bit disheartened that he could not achieve the target.

    The story is same for BJP after the Karnataka election.

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    Can we put the story like this, the passing percentage was 50% but instead he got less than 50% but since the school principal was his father he got promoted further due to the influence.

    I think this would be a better story than the 95% target.

    Recent events in Karnataka election has proved how dirty politics can get, just to get into power.

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    With all reports of the dirtiest elections fought in Independent India, and a huge amount of money spent on the PM and his gang, it is in the fitness of things that the PM and his big bully Shah, did not attend the swearing in ceremony at all.

    The life of this present Government is very less. Even if some JD( S) MLAs and those of the Congress jump to the other side, it would not help the BJP, as offers of one hundred crores are already doing the rounds.

    The BJP will only be seen as a very corrupt alternative to the Congress regime. Perhaps Mr Modi understands this fact. This is the reason he has not come.

    Granted, some opposition MLAs absent themselves and BJP wins the confidence vote. But what happens to its credibility?

    By allowing the hugely corrupt Kumarasamy to come to power, the BJP could have been a responsible Opposition party. This opportunity has been lost.

    In neighbouring TN, the DMK could have easily come to power after the AIADMK split. But it is cleverly playing its game. Mr Stalin is literally the best choice now, given that Mr Rajnikant will only split the anti AIADMK vote.

    The BJP has lost a golden opportunity. It can never regain it. Its choice of the CM candidate itself is a huge mistake --he is the most corrupted person in the State.

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    There was urgency on the part of Karnataka BJP to form government as the Congress was making advances. So to that urgency PM cannot given urgent date and hence was absent.
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    After a bitter fight, the Government has been formed in Karnataka. The 10% Chief Minister lost from Chamundeshwari but scraped through Badami with a victory margin of 1600 votes (thanks to NOTA). Fourteen Ministers of the Commission Cabinet lost the fight. The number of seats has been reduced by 40%. Even then, the corrupt party wanted to come to power with another corrupt party, which has been desperate for the share of power.

    BJP has not allowed that to happen. These two corrupt parties knocked the door of the Supreme Court at midnight, but the SC has refused to stay the oath-taking.

    Now, what is left to be done? Vilification campaign, of course. And they are doing it with all seriousness. Even ISC bears testimony to the vilification campaign.

    Of course, grapes are very sour.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The BJP fielded Mr. Yeddyurappa as their Chief Ministerial Candidate. He was asked to step down by the party itself in 2011 due to corruption charges. Mr.Yeddyurappa and his family were indicted by the Lokayukta in the illegal mining case. The BJP could not find any other face is a testimony to its corrupt politics. The Reddy brothers who were involved in illegal mining cases are given seats by the BJP. This is another classic example of the clean politics of BJP. The Prime Minister personally met JDS leader to seek their cooperation in case of necessity. When the talks failed, he accused the JDS. The BJP managed an invite to form the Government even though it is short of the halfway mark. Now, this honest to the core party is trying to get the numbers by very fair means of horse trading. The supporters of the party have the audacity to call the others corrupt when the party they are supporting is trying to get the numbers by unethical and illegal means. What a pity?
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    Looking at what has happened in the last 48 hours, I'm glad that Mr.Modi did not attend the swearing-in ceremony. The decisions of the Governor of Karnataka have been criticised. The floor test time of 15 days has been cut short to 24 hours. What looked like a comfortable path for BS Yeddyurappa is rapidly beginning to be more controversial. I feel tomorrow by this time, the PM would be relieved that he stayed at Delhi.

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    I do not accept for a second that Mr. Modi was not aware of what will happen after the Governors decision. I feel Mr. Modi and Amit Shah have skipped the ceremony purposefully.
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    Just to complete the discussion, the time of the swearing-in ceremony was hastily decided and since Saturday the PM would certainly be glad to himself that he did not attend the function of his own party CM who lasted only for 30 hours.

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    May be the out come or the fall out no confidence motion was known to the Prime Minister Modi, and hence he distanced himself as it would be further embarrassment from the Congress who would ridicule him.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Probably, Modi knows in advance that Yediyurappa is not likely to survive as a CM after the floor test. This is the reason for his absence from the swearing in ceremony.
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