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    "Will Yeddyurappa be able to prove majority on the floor of the house?"

    The Governor of Karnataka was very generous in inviting Mr. Yeddyurappa to form the Government. He gave a very generous time of 15 days to prove the majority. The BJP is 7 seats short of halfway mark as of now. There are two independents. The decision of the Governor, unfortunately, encourages horse trading. The Governor, in the prevailing circumstances, should have given a serious thought to it as it is his duty to avoid any such activities. Now, the question is how the BJP is going to prove it's majority? Whatever it does will not be ethical and will go against its tall claims. The BJP is caught in a precarious situation. It looks the BJP has thrown all ethics to the wind and shamelessly trying to grab power as it has done in Goa, Manipur, and Meghalaya. Will Mr. Yeddyurappa be able to prove his majority before the 15 days dead line?
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    What the author means by using the term "Ethical" here?

    If the Congress party wasn't involved in the cheap practices like divide & rule, like creation of separate identity of "Linagyat", then most probably the BJP would already had the complete majority. Why the "Lingayat" community couldn't get its existence as a separate entity during the past administration of Congress. And do the author feel that the alliance would go well within the Congress & the JDS, which doesn't seems to be because of the past records of the Congress party.

    Or the author is in favor of hung assembly which means re-election. But still can we forecast the complete majority to one party one which again in doubt.

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    Either BJP has to get support from some JD(S) MLAs or some Congress MLAs. There is no other way. Most probably the elder son of our Ex-PM may support the government with his followers. I don 't think the government may go long. Either it is Congress, JD(S) tie up or BJP with some supporters from JD(S). There are no ethics in politics these days. the ultimate is power. This is proved once again in Karnataka.
    Every party is having its own share in this foul play. How a person from a party having only 38 MLAs can be the CM when there are two other parties with more number of MLAs. Is it fair? However, ultimately it appears as if the Deva Gowda family is the winner in these elections.

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    Most people in Karnataka think that Mr.BS Yeddyurappa will be able to make it well before the 15 day time limit. Already 2 MLAs and 1 independent have been missing from their original parties. There are also reports that few of the candidates withing Congress and JD(S) are not happy with the alliance, the chance of CM being given to JD(S) and also the new friendship between the JD(S) leader and members who were expelled before by himself.

    There are also reports that many candidates have spent a lot and some have debts that need to be cleared. At his point of time, cash and a higher post will be too much to resist for them. There are also hopes of roping in the disgruntled leaders who were sidelined within their own parties

    So, in short, Operation Lotus:2 by BJP in Karnataka sounds more feasible than Lotus:1 done almost a decade earlier.

    Already reports are there on social media about how Mr.Vajubhai Vala was the BJP minister in Gujarat who lost his post when the UDF government( the PM was JD(S) supremo Mr Devegowda) at the centre intervened swiftly and placed Gujarat under President's rule. Hence the implication that Mr. Vala will be kind towards the BJP cause.

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    In politics everything is possible. BJP is having the advantage of largest single party and by virtue of it he was offered and sworn in as the CM of Karnataka. But there is seven seat short for the magic figure. In politics there is no enemy and there is no permanent friend. But when plum posts are offered and good money is given back door, for the new MLA's having elected , it is the God sent deal and chance and for that they wont mind going against the interest of the party high command. So there are every chance, Siddharamiah, would be successful and have the best deals through horse trading.
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    That the BJP can stoop down to the lowest standards of ethics and play all dirty games is no secret. If some Congress or JD( S) MLAs opt to stay out on the day of voting, the present CM can possibly prove his majority.

    However, the current price of one hundred crores for each MLA, would bring such a bad reputation to Modi 's image as a clean politician. Even if his record is a big zero, his personal integrity was never questioned at any point in time.

    Ten or fifteen days from now, Modi has to pass his best litmus test. His conduct and that of his deputy, Shah, the master manipulator, will seal forever, every little chance of his coming back in 2019.

    People will see through this game. Compare this scenario with what Vajpayee would have done. He would have advised the BJP to sit in the Opposition. Desperate voices like Yeshwant Sinha and Satrungan Sinha, among many others, are all silenced within the BJP. So, anything can happen.

    However, the BJP is bound to loose its credibility and, along with it, its moral responsibilities. The Opposition will automatically come together. BJP is already a big zero in West Bengal, Kerala, Telengana, AP, Orissa and a hugely corrupt outfit in UP.

    If the BJP goes only for short term gains, it will simply be reduced to a big zero in India.

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    I simply don't understand how people can advocate power-sharing between two parties which have got 78 seats and 38 seats instead of a party which has got 105 seats. Further, these two parties who are trying to form a coalition, were bitter rivals in the recently concluded Assembly election. People had chosen any one of these two parties because of their rivalries.

    Some people are so blind by hatred that they have lost even a semblance of common sense. Do these people give due respect to the people's verdict? Do these people acknowledge that the voters have chosen a party as the single largest party with 105 seats?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We have to give objective analysis for it. Why Congress and JDS are afraid of defections when they were so confident about forming a Government, which could not happen? Even if they could have formed the Government, what is the guarantee that their MLAs won't defect later when they don't get ministerial posts? I will give one example of Telangana, where there exists TRS government. MLAs from almost all the opposition parties defected to TRS except BJP. That means BJP works on something, which their members are very much loyal to. So, we can conclude that if someone defects, it should be the indiscipline of the party and not the member.

    Though Governor has discretionary powers, implementing it should be uniform across all the states. Otherwise, it is not good for democracy. Some of us may support Governor's actions now but in long run it is not good. In the long run, whoever is in power may not allow other opposition parties to form the Government citing one reason or the other. This kind of actions have not started now, it started long back in India.

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    How can a so called single largest party continue in power, without a clear majority?

    Numbers are numbers. Irrespective of where it comes from. That Dave Gowda and his fat corrupt son were always corrupt, was a single fact in the public domain. But so is the present CM of Karnataka, who shamelessly supported his own corruption!!!

    So, let us forget the players involved. What does one do, when one hundred crores is sought to be given to jump ship? Is it not ridiculous to support such a party? How can one wash away one 's sins? If the BJP had proposed some other honest leader as the CM, it would have carried credibility. It has lost a good chance.

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    The state senior BJP leaders KS Eshwarappa has said that BJP and BS Yeddyurappa will win the floor test. With the time margin curtailed from 15 days to 24 hours, it seems to be an uphill task.

    We would know by mid-morning when the MLAs will be administered the oath, this would give an inclination as to how close is BSY with regards the numbers.

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    Oath taking as MLAs has started. two from Congress still to be traced. The honourable SC has asked for the floor test to be telecasted live to uphold transparency. The pro-term speaker's appointment upheld by SC despite opposition from Congress

    We have four likley outcomes at 4 PM

    1.Mr. BS Yeddyurappa proves the numbers, stays as CM and BJP continues to be in power.
    2. BJP fails the floor test and the Congress-JD(S) alliance is called in to form the Government.
    3. Mr.BS Yeddyurappa, if being aware of the lack of numbers and sure that the target cannot be met, gives a welocme speech and resigns.
    4. A commotion breaks out in the house and the Governor declares Presidents rule. Karnataka has had president's rule for 5 times in the past.

    Most believe it will the first outcome that happens by the end of the day.

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    Breaking news: KG Bopaiah will continue as pro tem speaker and all proceedings will be telecast live.

    But it is not a SLAP in the face of Congress and JD(S).

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Any alliances in the past with the Congress never lasted long so lets hope the BJP would be able to show the numbers & will make the government. I don't support any party but in the mean time the rest of the party doesn't prove of being worth for ruling.

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    Mr. BS Yedyurappa resigns after being CM of Karnataka for 30 hours. As mentioned in option:3, He has stepped down before the floor test.

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