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    Has ideology died in Indian politics?

    In the past, we have seen the BJP coming together with the communists and supporting the VP Singh government for the sole purpose of keeping Congress out of power. The BJP has again applied similar tactics in the north east. Keeping all this in mind, would you say that ideology is dead and buried in Indian politics?
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    yes. I agree 100% with the statement. There are no ethics in Indian politics these days. the ultimate is to be in power. The Goa governor invites the coalition formed after elections for forming the government and at the same time Karnataka governor invites the single largest party to form the government. Are we in the same country? Are the rules differ from state to state are different? Are the guidelines for governors different from one state to the other state?
    An MLA who won the seat from a party switches his loyalty to another party to become a minister or for a self-betterment. No thinking about the people elected him or the party which supported him for becoming an MLA. The only ideology we see these days is power grabbing and getting benefitted personally but not the country betterment.
    Someone has to come and change the entire picture. Otherwise, India is going to be the worst suffering democratic country in its near future.

    always confident

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    Now the enmity between Congress and BJP has grown such a high that , mudslinging , back stab, quest power has been the plan to both parties and the ideologies were gone to the wind. Previously BJP has been respected for their firm stands on various issues , but now they have also learned worst politics thanks to the overtures from the Congress in the past. Problem is that both these parties are not allowing other players to enter arena and we have to depend and adjust with either Congress or BJP.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    To the major portion the ideology has become a myth these days. But our system is entirely lacking or free from the ideology kind of a thing, wouldn't be good to take a note on. Like the case in the other segments of the society, the competition remains too severe in the political arena as well. It's do or die moment for anyone as someone in opposition has little no value.

    Rather then keep on wondering about the importance & the existence of ideology , don't you feel that "Intentions" are most important then the feelings or the belief system among us. In today's scenario, we got two main party at the national level. One is the Congress party & the another one as BJP. In between these two parties, there exist the different beliefs or the ideology. And after all these, it's up to us to decide about whom to support. It's important because our future depends upon the decisions which we are going for today.

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    Ideologies, core values in politics has long gone. These qualities come into the picture when, we have a party or a leader who is good enough to have the mandate of the people and can work for the people irrespective of what other parties do.

    In real terms, we have politicians struggling to stay afloat by any means for personal interests. The Karnataka elections is a good example, so, yes, Ideology is long gone, there may be a handful of people with good morals left whom we can be proud of.

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