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    What would be the appropriate parameter to measure a student's learning level?

    Given that the effectiveness of marks in terms of measuring a student's learning level is now widely disapproved of, what do you think would be the effective way to measure a student's learning level?
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    Learning is nothing but understanding the subject and should be able to apply the subject wherever it is needed. But simply mugging up and reproducing in the examination can't be taken as learning. If somebody writes the examination and gets good marks he may get the certificate but it may not be useful for him to get a job unless otherwise, he understands what he learned there.
    The people should have on the job training and should be capable of applying the skills he obtained during the education. So the testing or examination should be in such a way that the student's capacity in applying the subject he learned for a practical purpose.
    The examination pattern should be changed in a way that the student once comes out of the institute should have acquired additional skills which are useful for him for getting a job.

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