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    Should Kashmir have remained independent?

    Given that several conflicts have occurred between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue, would it have been appropriate if Kashmir had instead remained independent?
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    I don't think so. It should be an integral part of India. In fact, Pakistan might not have been separated. But for some personal reasons, it has been made effective and we are all suffering these days for the same. Again if we separate Kashmir, again a conflict will start and it will become sandwiched between these two countries. So it is wise not to make Kashmir an independent entity.
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    As I am a common man without many liberal ideas, my view is simple. The last Maharaja of Kashmir, Hari Singh, signed the Treaty of Accession in India' s favour. So, the entire Jammu & Kashmir (including Pak-occupied Kashmir and Northern Areas of Gilgit-Baltistan) is an integral part of India. This is as per Radcliffe formula which both India and Pakistan had agreed to.
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    Why should Kashmir be remain Independent when it is already integral part of our country and Pakistan has been creating war on the issue which purely on our side. As mentioned by Partha, treaty was signed and agreed by both countries and if Pakistan creates issues because , it wants India to be focused on Kashmir and so that other development works of the country get hampered. Kashmir cannot be given to any one as it is in our territory.
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    The Kashmir or any other particular land haven't remained the issue but for sure the belief remained always the case. You would be surprised that few on the extremist side have already raised their voice for the separate land. This has been evident from the news debates during the prime time. The reason behind they put is that their population is now equivalent to the population of the time of independence wherein the Pakistan was created. Those shameless creatures then go on to say that they feel free being here.

    So even if the Kashmir is allowed for complete independence then thirst for many wouldn't go down but would be looking for the portions which is not with them. This needs to be understood.

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