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    What would be a better way of protest: petitions or popular movements?

    There has always been a conflict between the moderate and extremist ideologies. Considering the relative advantages and disadvantages of both, would petitioning be a better method of protest than popular movements?
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    Protests can be in any way if the cause you are taking up is reasonable. But any type of protest is not good for unfair reasons.
    Making petitions may bring in some changes if the government is sensible and really understands the problem of the public.
    Otherwise to pressurise the government or the concerned management the regular agitations or movements has to be taken up. Gandhiji has protested against the British government with a variety of moments like non-cooperation, Uppu Satyagraham, swadeshi clothes and others. These days for any small and unreasonable reasons also the people are going for bundhs, demonstrations and strikes.
    In my opinion these unreasonable movements will not yield any positive results.

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