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    How do you make engineering education in India better?

    Given that several critics have raised objections to the current style of engineering education, what would be your suggestion to get rid of those flaws?
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    Mainly the Engineers should have hands-on experience and should have the ability to do the work with his/her own hands if necessity comes. The present-day education is not focusing on this issue. It is trying to see that all will get good marks and go out with a certificate in their hands. When they come to the industry they are not able to do any constructive work except sitting on a laptop in an AC room. They are not able to go to the shop flour and set an example for other people. A technician who acquired ITI certificate is able to understand what is the problem and able to rectify but not an Engineer. This trend has to be changed. For this, I think every engineer should be given on the job training for a year and see that they will be useful to the industry once they are out of university. they should be taught the subject and they should be able to apply this knowledge in the incidents wherever required. This element is to be introduced to the curriculum and see that engineers will have a better future.
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    Engineering is a technical field and simply bookish knowledge will not make a person real engineer. It is necessary to have practical and sound knowledge of technical aspect if we really want to have good engineers in our country.

    The flaw probably lies with the lack of facilities or will to teach the students in that fashion. The teachers are themselves afraid of such radical syllabus which gives more emphasis on practical and hands-on experience.

    The situation in the remote engineering colleges is worse where getting good faculty itself is a difficult thing.

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    There is nothing wrong with the curriculum. Our engineers are very much sought after technical persons all over the world. The problem is with the mushrooming private engineering colleges all over the country. The management of these colleges is cashing in on the craze of the people. The private engineering colleges do not have the required infrastructure. They do not employ qualified people to teach. The All India Council for Technical Education which is the agency to look after the quality of the technical education is the main culprit. They are slack in their inspections. The curriculum is updated from time to time in consultation with the industry and changing needs of the industry globally.
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