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    In the 4 years of its existence, what has been the current central governments's best ever step?

    The current central government has embarked on many an adventurous venture. Which one of them would be the best one, in your opinion?
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    In the initial days, I opposed the demonetisation because it killed lot of people in the queues. But now, the demonetisation is giving its fruits in eliminating black money. Now, people are slowly moving from real estate to stock markets. Previously even employees, who will generally be having white money, used to invest in real estate and were indirectly helping in generating black money. But nowadays, I am seeing employees hesitating to invest in real estate and are investing in mutual funds. In my opinion, demonetisation is a good step.

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    The cleanliness drive launched by the Prime Minister himself has gone a long way in making many inroads in terms of keeping our roads clean and, more so, railway stations clean. There has been a sustained movement in many cities like Tiruchirapalli, where the drive has become a real overdrive. This is a big success.

    That the scheme has also gone hand in hand with remarkable success in terms of advances in Information Technology is also a very big plus. Yes, the PM 's push towards smart cities has made a good change in mindsets. This is also a very good achievement.

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    I have not seen any extraordinary benefit caused to common man in this four year rule of BJP than previous Congress rule. LPG, Petrol and diesel prices were increased many times during these four years. Lakhs of Jandhan katas opened for poor are empty. Swacch bharat is only for name sake we haven't seen any improvement in sanitation of towns and cities. Govt. so much hyped about GST regime but common man has got any benefit out of it.

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    The following are the best steps taken by the present government.
    1. Demonetization. Initially many people of the opinion that it is not a good step. But it has brought a lot of money to bank accounts and black money creation is lowered. People are trying to see that they will not give rise to any actions which will support the creation of black money.
    2. Coal mines open auction: A very good move which has brought crores of rupees to the government account but not to the individual's account. I feel it is the best action taken by the present government.
    3. opening up of defence sector to private. It is another good step which has given scope for industries from foreign countries to come and invest in India and thus creating a job pool for the youth.
    There are many other such good actions taken by the government. The best part of this government is during the

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