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    Is prohibition at all effective?

    The strategy of prohibition of alcohol has been tried out by several governments in different era and different continents, most recently in India by the Bihar state government. In your opinion, can prohibition ever be an effective step?
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    Probation is not effective as it is not implemented on all India basis. Only some states tried this. When the United introduced prohibition, people used to go to neighbouring other state places and enjoy the drink there. Many people from Hyderabad used to go to Bidar in the weekends and take the drinks there. People from all places of East Godavari district of AP used to visit Yanam which is under Pondicherry government and spend money there for their drinks. So it was proved unworthy. At the same time, many places used to sell liquor illegally for a very high cost. So it is of no use to go for statewide prohibition instead of the countrywide.
    Councilling and making the liquor very very costly may give some improvement. Mentoring and councilling may also yield good results. The best way is the revolt by the wives against their drinking husbands

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