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    How do we liberate the habitual drunkards?

    Perhaps the worst case of State involvement in making so many families come to the streets is in Tamil Nadu, the State Government of which does not want to loose the Rs45000 crores of revenue.

    It is a State sin. Something that Mahatma Gandhi was so serious about. Something that has contributed to crime, in a very big way.

    Why should all this nonsence happen? Am told it happens elsewhere too.

    How do we do our bit? There is nothing wrong in being a bit harsh. If our own poor servant maids are into this trouble, let us mercilessly separate the husband and wife and ask the latter to support the children.

    In some cases, some serious counseling has helped, but only temporarily. The men are back to their original ways.

    That the economy improves is the most ridiculous argument. What should otherwise go towards school or college fees, buying the minimum groceries, or medical expenses, is spent on this worst habit.

    Can we thrash them with community support, when they are normal? Can we engage in mass counseling? How is that we change these animals in human form?

    Members may please come out with their own experiences of how at least a few were saved from this most horrible negative influence on men.
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    Really it is very painful to note that many families are getting ruined due to this habit. A person who works hard from morning till evening for his daily wage spends more than 60% of income for the drinks. He never takes care of his family. The wife has to struggle to take care of the family and children. She has to work in houses and earn money.
    But the governments will never think about this. This is because this is the area government is getting a huge amount. This habit only making the people dependent on their wives for livelihood.
    To see that poor people will not get spoiled due to this habit, the government should put prohibition and drinking should be prohibited in the entire country. Not in one or two states. Then getting liquor will be very difficult for them.
    The government should create Videos and short cinemas giving the various problems involved in this habit and how this habit will bring problems to the family.
    As far as possible some classes for mentoring of these people should be conducted so that the awareness will increase.
    In the family, the wives should openly revolt against the husband and tell him that she will get separated and she will take care of the children and should not give any money to him out of sympathy. This may bring in some change within the people.

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