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    Promotion of editor Dhruv

    We are happy to announce the promotion of Dhruv to the position of Lead Editor of our schools' section.

    Taken on board our core editorial team from the content development team in January last year, Dhruv has taken on various responsibilities with aplomb. Not only has he done his work with cool efficiency, but has given support whenever required. The word "No" just doesn't exist in his lexicon!

    For his good work, this promotion is his reward - a well-deserved one!

    Please join me in congratulating Dhruv for this honour & let's convey our best wishes to him.
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    Hearty congrats and best wishes to Dhruv for having elevated to the position of Lead Editor of our schools' section. He truly deserves such elevation considering creative works from him.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Congratulations to Mr. Dhruv on being appointed as Lead Editor in Schools' section. I sincerely expect that this new responsibility will bring out his best. Best wishes to Mr. Dhruv.
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    Congratulations to Mr.Dhruv on being promoted as lead editor in school's section. I hope he will be getting many more such promotions in the coming future and he will continue his good work.
    always confident

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    Great news. Congratulations for this great elevation to lead editor. It is good that the sincere and silent work of the members like Dhruv is recognised by ISC.

    Let us all strive hard to make ISC the best educational and knowledge platform and also synchronise our progress with it.

    All the best and keep it up.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Congratulations Mr.Dhurv on being promoted to the Lead editor of the School section. Great to hear about the commitment and willingness to lend a hand when needed. All the best.

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    Congratulations to Mr. Dhruv for the promotion as Lead Editor in School Section. Keep it up.
    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

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    My hearty congratulations to Mr Dhruv for getting promoted to Lead Editor of Schools section. A well-deserved promotion has been given by the ISC management. Wish you all the best to excel in this role.!

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    Hearty congratulations Dhruv on your elevation as Lead Editor! A well-deserved promotion and I am really happy for you. You have been a very strong member of our team and have always stood in support whenever you were needed. Wish you all the best in your new position and I am sure that you will continue with your good work.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    My hearty congratulations to Mr Dhruv for getting new position on Editorial team of ISC. I wish you , best of luck for your new position on ISC
    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    Another gem from the Content Development Team. Dhruv has shown high content writing skills and has contributed in the upbringing of the Courses section of ISC. Not only in content development, but Dhruv presents high managerial skills and is able to get tasks accomplished with ease and brings in positive result towards common goals. I congratulate Dhruv and feel proud of having a big chunk of time to share with him in the past few years.

    I wish Dhruv from the roots of my heart, all the best wishes in his new role with further responsibilities.

    Self-discipline brings success; but restraints too binding bring self-defeat.

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    M Dhruv please accept my hearty congratulations for being lead editor of school section. All the best for the new role and hope more golden feather in the journey of success.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Dear friends from ISC, words are failing me. I am at a loss, not knowing what to say. (simply feeling like jumping out of my chair and exclaim in happiness.) But I do none of it, otherwise my office colleagues will think I have gone crazy. It is beyond my wildest dreams, and yes I mean it, to see that I am today the cynosure of all eyes in ISC. Can't conceal my happiness, as I am very happy and pleased to get such a recognition from ISC. Now that I realize it's no dream, no fiction, but absolute reality, I take this wonderful opportunity to thank one and all for the pleasant words you all had to say about me on my promotion to Lead Editor. It's embarrassing to receive such attention, all by oneself. My presence in the forum section can be hardly felt, but still you all have been very generous in your praise and appreciation. Thank you friends, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    How can I forget the Webmasters, Managing Editor Vandana and all the other editors. They have been all instrumental in giving me the opportunity to perform and flourish. One name I cannot do without mentioning is that of Dr. Apurva, our CDT captain who spotted me as a potential candidate. It's under the mentorship of him and to a great extent Vandana Ma'am that I could today reach to such a position in ISC. My day has been made by this wonderful announcement. Hope I can do justice to my new role as a Lead Editor. Patience and Perseverance sure pays. My belief in this statement has now been all the more strengthened.

    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Congratulations to Dhruv on being promoted as lead editor.
    It is not the magic of one day which got him this position,but the steady,patient, consistent and sincere efforts by Dhruv.
    Even before becoming editor also Dhruv was showing good results and performances.
    I am especially attracted by his unassuming character as understood from many of his posts.
    Hope his new assignment will be of mutual benefit to progress for iSC and to him.
    Best wishes.

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