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    Why the agitations by Govt employees are generally successful?

    Whenever Govt goes for privatisation or change in basic framework of Govt services or stern transfer policy or things like that, it is observed that Govt employees will go on agitation.

    This goes for sometime and in spite of Govt assurances, these employees do not end their agitation till they get a confirmation of the rollback of the proposed measures by the Govt.

    This has happened many times in the past and is happening today also.

    What are the compulsions under which Govt is giving up its proposals or strictures under pressure from its employees.
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    In practical, each one of the government employees are connected with others through a union. And if this entity has been removed then each of them would get scattered but this entity facilitates them to be united. Although this entity is essential for raising the welfare concerns of the employees but if played in a different perspective which is unjustified then creates an issue to the overall functioning of the system. This In addition leads to impacting the life of common or of the general population who if shows dissatisfaction then this would directly impact the political parties in question.

    So finally, it's the political parties who will be involved, & they not in any circumstances would want the commons to get upset as this will upset their voters.

    Hope so that this remains the story anywhere.

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    The government employees will play a very important role in running the government. If they are not in good mood with the government, the government can't do many things as it wishes. because these employees can facilitate many works by understanding the ways and means of doing it. How a rule can be interpreted to the benefit of the person will also be better known to an employee only. So if they go on strike for a long time the whole government will stand still and in this process, the government can't do many things to support their well-wishers. So the government will yield to the demands of the employees. By any chance, if the government is not coming to terms with these people the victory for them in the next elections will be also a doubtful affair. This happened many times and hence all the governments try to please these people and try to win their favour.
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    The policies are made by the politicians who are in power. The employees of the Government are the people who implement the policies of the Government. We find that the day to day activities of the Government run smoothly even though there are problems at the political level. It is because of these Government employees, the people do not suffer any inconvenience. The employees are very much in the know-how of the goings on in the Government. They always will have a clout as nothing can be done without their dedicated hard work.
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    Once in Bangalore, we had a strike by the municipal employees, garbage piled up and in summer the stench cross the city was so bad that the strike was quickly resolved.
    Our lives and that of the nation often is directly or indirectly related to the many thousands of Government employees who keep the system running. When a change is made in a policy based on facts or purely personal interests, the government employees face hardships.
    On the same note, the employees can even face a threat to their earnings and other benefits that the job offers them. Either way, they protest, when the offices give support, unions join hands, it is difficult. It becomes a question of who will blink first, often the Government blinks first because crores of public people will have difficulties in running their lives when the government employees start to strike. So, it is the compulsion of not to incur the wrath of the public, that the Government reaches a compromise or withdraws the change.

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