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    How many BJP bhakts agree, BJP is also another political party sailing in the same boat?

    Today's SC verdict with regard to Karnataka clearly indicating how BJP using governers to manipulate things in their favour even though all odds are against them. Even though they have no chance of getting 8 MLA's support it is trying to manipulate things in its favour by bribing MLA's. It followed the same technique in grabbing power in Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya. Now it Karnataka governer recruited K. Bopayya as interim speaker even though he is not the senior member of Assembly legally who is a BJP man. Governor clearly acted against the laws and in favour of BJP. Already SC directed and passed an order against the governor's proposal of giving 15 days duration to prove BJP majority. It is not fearing even if anything happens against law keep them in the worst position in front of the public. Do you think BJP is also another party which can do anything to grab the power?
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    So BJP what it try to inject into people's mind is that it is the only party in India transparent, honest, religion impartial and corruption less party is a bluff what you are agreeing.

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    All most all supported the present central govt in the beginning but after coming into the picture the entire story has changed after he became PM as we can observe that our Leader has a very good manipulation capability through his speeches I can say this by observing the three elections which were conducted after the demonetarization and GST at all the three places they had used the power to control the governer as in those places they were talking about the no of seats and coming to Karnataka there were talking about the largest party. more thing that it needs to be concentrated here is the educated people who know what is right and what is false particularly the educated and employees who stay around the Bangalore city there the voting Percentage is very low.
    2. It is quite common in Karnataka that no government has got a chance to govt for the second time.
    3.All the remaining population who are not educated and who don't know the Reality of Modi (I am not against BJP we are against Modi and his ideology of divide and rule which is the basic nature of the British).
    so based o the above three factors we can definitely say that people are not with BJP.
    4. He is very much sure that he will not come to power again so he is using all his powers to keep his government alive for decades together. This was the only reason he has taken the slogan CONGRESS MUKTH BHARATH.
    5 The fight should be healthy as we are in a democracy but the path he chose by threatening not only the MLAs and MPS but also whole parties we can see examples like Tamil Nadu it is crystal clear that from the time of Jaya Lalita they were opposing Tamil Nadu but later her death they sent Sasi Kala to jail who opposed BJP and by blackmail politics they made Tamilnadu as their supporter who indirectly supported BJP in the name of kavery issue and made to waste all the time of the parliament if not the AP would have questioned about the special status issue and the entire contry would have gained the attention about the issue and the reality of the politics of the centre would have come in to picture and am sure that if this issue had hilighted in parliment they would not have come in to the power.

    Abdhul Firoz.

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    The system of Parliamentary democracy which is applicable in India forces every party to try to get the numerical majority. So far as ideology is concerned, except left parties' obsolete and utopian ideologies which they themselves don't follow, only BJP has a strong ideological mooring in RSS-propagated nationalism. It is different that some people don't like this form of nationalism. But nationalism is the ideological backbone of entire Sangh Parivar and BJP.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    An apt saying here would be the one adopted from Shakespeare. Politicians make strange bedfellow.
    People who were foes within the two coalition parties have become friends in times of need. People switching over to help BJP out now would be the biggest saviours at this point in time.
    Had BJP approached JD(S) for the tie, we would be speaking the same only the parties and names would be different. So, in this case, all are in the same boat. Only the size and power of vary.

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    Politics is a shrewd game of power and fight for it. No politician can come up if he behaves and works in a way of saints and priests.

    They will use all tactics to come in power and rule the country as per their methodology. In this respect, the author's contention that they are saying in the same boat is very true.

    They have no other alternative than sailing in the same boat as without that no one will reach the bank!

    Knowledge is power.

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    Even as the Congress is trying hard to keep its flock together in Karnataka, everything doesn't appear to be happening the way it wants. Vijayanagara MLA Mr. Anand Singh has said he would resign from the Congress after taking oath as the member of the Karnataka Assembly, according to a report by India Today TV. Singh also said he will not join the BJP but don't support the Congress either during the test of strength on the floor of the House.
    Two other MLAs of the Congress are also reported to be missing by Bengaluru media.

    The Number Game is becoming more and more interesting!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    To agree to the view point of the author, one need not be a 'Bhakt' of any political party. I strongly object to the usage of the word 'bhakt' as it is the choice of an individual to show his favoritism or bias whatever you may call towards any political leader or party or a movie or sports personality. My stand is very clear that we should display a statesman spirit in this Forum and put our views even if they favour a political party in a gentle and dignified way.

    Coming to the point, everything is fair in love and war. This political war is not an exception and it is after all a 'number game'. Anyone may win it but the spirit of democracy is lost and the voters of Karnataka are to be blamed for this fractured verdict. The role being played by the Speakers and Governors in India today is a point of concern and undoubtedly,, all the political parties including Congress and BJP are the pieces of the same cloth.


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    That the BJP is one more corrupted party was never in question. However, since all parties are corrupt, one would have to understand that the BJP is just one tall member among the three parties.

    Now that the Supreme Court has hit the nail on BJPs head, it will go all out to bribe as many MLAs as possible, to jump ship. However, even such a victory would only be temporary.

    No one learns from history. When Mr Chandrabaabu Naidu did much more than others, and when he also was honest in his attempts to do good to the wider masses through IT, the entire State supported him. In Orissa, we have another example, where the leader is hugely successful only because of his personal integrity.

    Ditto for another great leader of Tamil Nadu, the late MGR. It was MGR who brought in a big revolution through very honest approaches to every problem. The world-famous St.Joseph's College, Tiruchirapalli, was submerged in floods in 1977. He would not listen to any official. He came straight to the spot, and came right through the water that had accumulated everywhere. He ordered the officials to collect all details of every single student affected by the floods, and ensured that the money went straight to the family concerned. No middle man was ever involved.

    That the Congress and the BJP do not have such leaders, is a huge problem. Obviously, the people of Karnataka are so fed up with the huge corruption and hence have no choice but to support the best candidate, as the results indicate.

    However, the BJP is going to commit suicide on Saturday, the 19th of May 2018, if it plays ball to the ambitions of the most corrupted Mr Yedurappa. 2019 will not present a bed of roses to the BJP.

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    I am not trying to say that BJP is the only party who are honest or good. NO, I have never said in this ISC forum like some Blind Congress Bhakt who even don't try to see the people verdict to whom they favour and to whom they rejected. What I am saying or countering is based on peoples faith on the political party.

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    To #636692,

    Do you have any prove to claim the BJP as the corrupt party?

    For Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya, there are different scenarios. In terms of GOA, & as far as I have come to know that except for the BJP, no one came forward to claim for forming the government. And for rest of the cases & if the opposition found any unjustified act then why couldn't they approached the Supreme Court. But nothing has happened as such but instead we see the drama & meaningless nuisances everywhere from leftards & the oppositions parties.

    Why we are not accepting the public opinions from the elections so far. That only one party continues to grow & the rest are just finding difficult to even stand on its own.

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    I don't think BJP is also a normal party like other parties in India. The best part of BJP is that no corruption charges against any minister or senior leaders. They work sincerely for the country and for the people. Development is their main agenda.
    When you are in Rome you should behave like a Roman. In India all other parties are corrupt and they do many unethical acts to grab the power. It has been happening since independence. If BJP simply keeps mum, the other parties will try to make fool of them and try to grab power. SO BJP also should learn certain tactics so that they will be in power and they can do some food to the public. That may be the reason. However, the Supreme court has already given a verdict to prove the majority by 4 PM today and they supported the proterm speaker appointment by the governor. Another 3 or 4 hours we will get the result. Let us wait and see.

    always confident

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