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    Did you ever think of the health hazards of wearing helmet?

    The Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Section 129 makes it compulsory for the two-wheeler riders to wear a helmet. This is to protect the person from death due to the head injury. Let us consider the health hazards of wearing the helmet. The sense organs of our body eyes, ears, nose, mouth are located on our face. By wearing a helmet, we are partially covering all these organs. Over a long period of covering all these organs, there will be some impairments. The wearing of helmet gives a false sense of security and the rider becomes negligent. The mouth gets dry and is not good for health. The noise in the helmet at a speed of 70 KM/hour is higher than the normal noise level. The noise of airflow over the helmet is transferred into the inner ear from the rider's bones. The rider with a helmet is likely to be more aggressive in behavior than a person without a helmet. Just imagine yourself wearing the same clothes for a week without washing. How do you feel? Stinky and uncomfortable. Just think of wearing the same helmet for years together. How much dust and stink the head of the helmet wearer has to bear? Considering all these there are many health hazards of wearing the helmet.
    These points were gathered from my discussion with a doctor. I do not have the practical experience of wearing a helmet. The regular users will have more information about this. The helmet may save from a head injury which may happen or may not happen but the above-mentioned hazards are a fact.
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    The human body is a complex phenomena having the flexibility of getting adjusted to the changing circumstances & so to a limit & for any changes it doesn't lead to any harmful implications.

    Our different body organs are controlled through a mechanism which is being controlled through your mind. The important point to be noted here is that if one of your body organ is damaged then you still can move but once the brain is damaged, then this even can lead to the paralysis.

    So considering this, wearing helmet is a temporary phenomena but safety of your head is essential.

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    Wearing Helmet is an important one as it save our life from head injury which may or may not happen. But this is a practical alertness given by the Government as well by doctors. Every action has its reaction is the legend. There may be some inconvenience as told by the author (correct only if wearing the helmet continuously over a period) in wearing helmet but for that we have to take other alternative steps like we can brittle our travelling time by removing helmet at a relaxing places. Everything is danger or tiresome or inconvenient if continuously done and for that there are some break in all aspects even in television serials.

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    When compared to the disadvantages of wearing a helmet, the advantages are very high and it is a life-saving tool for the person when he is driving. It is better to have some inconvenience rather than losing the life. there may be some problems when we were a helmet. But we can overcome them by taking other precautions. It is not wise to stop using the helmet. If the is a little loose and it is not covering the ears completely it may not be very dangerous I think. Inconvenience can be tolerated if it protects our life.
    always confident

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