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    How can we lead by example, to make a lasting impression?

    The title of this thread itself may baffle a few people. In fact, leading by example, is possible in every place, in the office, at home and, in the wider society as well. We just need to practice what we preach, or better still, silently perform.

    A Good Samaritan, in Coimbatore City, saw the pitiable condition of the poor who die on roads, and the family members not even having the bare minimum funeral expenses. He put in his own savings, mobilized support from a few friends, purchased a van for the purpose of keeping the dead body in the freezer, and then enlisted the support of college students, who would act as volunteers, not charging a single penny for their work.

    Today, this voluntary work has brought him laurels, and he is being recognized even by the Government. In the same city, instead of sitting at home and being a peaceful homemaker, the wife of the promoter of a hugely successful company called Pricol, launched a huge drive to save water, promote rainwater harvesting and water reuse methods. Today, this organization called Siruthuli ( small drops) has created a revolution.

    Once we set an example, in our own way, we would have won a great many friends. When MS Dhoni is always asked what makes his IPL team, the hugely successful CSK, click, he would always point out teamwork as the main reason. This simply implies that apart from the individual glory on any day, the team has to gell as a big unit.

    We need to understand that we can also be leaders in our own ways. Like helping out our wives in our own little ways in household chores, telling good stories to children, helping them understand the good that happens around them and so on.

    Can we all do such small little things, that will make others also chip in? Members may have a huge number of positive experiences to share in this regard.
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    It is an excellent thread bringing out the good inside us and apply it in the practical upliftment of the downtrodden in the society.

    If citizens rise up to this call and help the society in discreet ways whether individually or through NGOs then a lot of development can happen in the country without any Govt help.

    At the same time, a good governance of the ruling party or Govt in power is mandatory to complement and sustain these private efforts as a congenial and honest environment is required in the country for overall growth.

    The actual development and prosperity will depend upon the combination of these two efforts one at Govt level and other at good samaritan level.

    Knowledge is power.

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    As far as I'm concerned, I find the internet a good platform to come up with the new ideas as well as to widespread about what is good to the members I am already connected to. This could be the Facebook or the LinkedIn or could be any other site.

    There is another way wherein we need to take care of. For example, polythene bags are the natural phenomena but we are habitual of asking for new polythene bags while we go for the marketing. If we start carrying our own bags then possible we wouldn't ask for extra polythene bags or else we can start using the same polythene bags for the upcoming transactions as well so as to restrict the use this in excess. Although, my bag is always having the polythene bags so that I don't require any extra from the vendors, I also use to tell others to follow the same. Hope so that not all but few might have followed this.

    There could be the numbers of other ways too, like use of the printed papers for rough use.

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    Leading by example. It is really good. It is the need of the moment. Many leaders talk and advise many to be good. But what they tell they never practice. This is a common observation. But if a real leader who is having concern for his followers will always lead them by example. It is good to preach what we follow. But these days many politicians say do what we say but don't do what we do.
    There are many small issues which can be implemented by us and see that others will also implement the same. Even in office also if the boss comes in time to the office the others will automatically have to come in time. But if the boss comes late all will come late but will be there before he comes.

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    Many people are working for social cause silently without patronizing themselves or coming into the glare of media reporting. In Hyderabad too a person started disposing unclaimed bodies and giving them the befitting funeral rites when none cared for those died. Even the police is taking his help and his Harishchandra Foundation. In these days when the parents are not cared and thrown into the old age homes, here is the organisation which wants to give befitting respect to the dead souls. Such people are always respected by those who got the help. Even government should recognize them with awards.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Leading by example is a noble thought but practically all of us cannot do it.

    What is more important is to first embrace do no harm, imagine if this is practiced by the errant road users, public and private sector employees involved in adulteration of consumables/ food items, corrupt officials, and policymakers, we can really make a change.

    Even if this is done by half in India, then we will have many around us who will automatically be leading by example. An honest police officer, doctor, lawyer, fruit vendors etc.

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