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    "Is everything fair in love and war?

    "All is fair in love and war." This proverb was first coined by the poet John Lily in 1579. So much time had passed between then and now that this does not hold good anymore. Now we have the "Geneva Convention" with respect to certain conditions to be followed in case of war between countries. Now the wars are not going to be fought in the way they used to be previously. This proverb does not hold good anymore.

    How can anything be fair in love? Just because a man loves a woman can he do anything illegal to win her heart? Do such things hold good in a court of law? Can he resort to violence to drive away any competitors to his love? Can he throw acid on her face if she rejects his love? Not justified at all.

    This proverb is now liberally used in politics. Any wrongdoing is fair in politics is what all the political parties are saying time and again and most of the educated are also finding no fault with it. This is nothing but justifying the undemocratic practices in the country. The judiciary is the only hope for the people to save themselves from these corrupt political parties. All the political parties are justifying their wrongdoings by quoting precedents. They do not realise that two wrongs do not make one right. Let us understand this and do not fall prey to these vicious political parties. The time has come for the people to use their voting power and their voice to set these political parties on the correct path. Do not ever say that all is fair in love, war, and politics.
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    I don't find the relevance of the heading with that of the incidence of the acid attack onto the victim girl. But I do agree its relevance in the context of politics.

    In today's world we are surrounded by the cheap practices throughout. And so we can't deny this being not getting involved in the political arena. But & in addition, don't we feel the intentions are more important rather then what it looks from the above. I am saying this because many have associated themselves with the ideology of certain political parties or the agenda & no matter what but they will continue to be with them. I have often come across few of the individuals who although deny the ideologies of their favorite political party but still support them & vote for them.

    But the good thing is that this seems to be changing with the new segment of population & they are flexible enough to move with the positive actions. The participation of new age groups were never before as we are witnessing in the current trend. Because of the different platforms the information are now available to our finger tips, it's not easy now to befool anyone but we got a problem with the few who doesn't want to go beyond a limit of their ideology.

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    Mr. Ved Prakash, everything is clearly explained in simple language. I have not mentioned any specific incident of acid attack on any particular woman by a particular man. I am talking about what is happening nowadays in some of the cases of love between a man and a woman. In some stray incidents, the men are throwing acid in the face of women and sometimes murdering the women in the name of love. What all I am asking is that can such things be justified by saying all is fair in love and war?
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    There is no justification for any wrong doing. Still people do it and such phrases were coined due to those extreme steps. These phrases are more of sarcasm than literal meaning.

    In politics, the politicians have long back crossed the limits and they are still pursuing new and new methods of cheating, bribery and exploitation in the name of cast, creed and religion. The gullible are always in their net and the knowledgeable are with them for vested selfish interests of favouritism. So everything is possible in politics.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In India, no one can put the politicians on the correct path. Basically, the voter himself doesn't know the value of his vote. He thinks it is a one day gift for him to get a 500 rupees note and one or two bottles of liquor. As such we can't do anything. The politicians are encashing the innocence of the people. Even the knowledgeable persons are also trying to be with one or the other for their selfish gains. The people who behave wrongly will try to get the shelter of these political people and they will take it as an advantage.
    In love, there may be a few cases which are not fair. But in politics, everything and anything is not fair.

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    A thoughtful thread that is based on a proverb that started by implying that 'the end justifies the means with respect to war. In the olden days, human rights and the value for life was not high, especially at war time.

    The other point is that in a situation of War for our own survival, we need to do things that may be out of the book but by not doing it we would be harming ourselves.

    But, it is a modern day human fallacy to apply this to the current world, politics and settling international disputes.

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