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    Lesson from a child - a story as read

    A small girl did not gone to school for four days and on the next day she went to the school and found there were a lot lesson have gone missed by her.
    She asked her best friend to give her note book to copy down but she refused to give by telling that she would read in house. But without asking another girl who noted this, volunteer offered her note book to this girl for copying. Though this girl satisfied with this action, she felt so much as the best friend to whom she offered sweets, color pencils many time,refused to help in time. Again again this thought was pressed her and she nearing to shed tears. She met the situation of obsession. Here the meaning of obsession is a situation in that a same thought pressing the mind again and again in one. She did not took her lunch and on returning home also she felt sad. Though the next day fell as holiday to school she could not enjoy the evening by watching television, eating dinner also and she forget her sleep with harassing thoughts about the best friend.
    Next day her father took her to the near park and made her to sit in a swing (joola) and make her to joy (by realizing her mood out). She enjoyed the swing much, cried with joy and for half an hour she spent in swing. She on returning from park she ate her dinner and gone to bed with some peace in her mind and started to think by sitting in the bed as follows:
    1.The mistake is her(friend) for not giving note book but for what I should lost my joy and give up my food?
    2.She(friend)probably really intend to read the note book in her house
    3.I, by having anger in my friend,unnecessarily sullen on my father and mother
    4.If we are thinking our anger on somebody it seems to be a worst thing as it prevents all, every activity.
    5.Why I never think to forget the anger on her even in five minutes?
    By thinking all the above she start sleeping. In the morning she felt free and gone to her parents and seek their blessings. With pleasing mind, she started her day to school.
    With this story we come to a conclusion that:
    If we think about others negatively it sucks our whole energy and we loose our peace.
    If our thoughts are plain our actions will be plain and thereby our total life with peace. So, thinking negatively about others is always bad.
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    Negative thoughts will always show that others are at a mistake. Positive thoughts will give us better thoughts we can understand the feelings of others and we will appreciate their feelings also. This fact has been brought by the author in this story. She thought that her friend is at fault for not giving her the book which she has asked. Then she is annoyed by her act. But when she thought from the friend's side she got convinced that she might have had the real actions of his friend.
    I agree with the author that negative thoughts are always bad and may spoil our mood and feelings also which is not good for our health. Positive thoughts are always better for the individual in all respects.

    always confident

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