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    Facts to be noted while following diet in our daily routine

    A Dietitian of a leading hospital told that many people are killing themselves by taking their food without any control in the name of 'diet'. The major thing is the intake should not exceed or diminish on any account to those are in diet.
    The diet followers should have a plan on the before day itself for their next day food. If a cup of food is planned for a lunch, it should be halved into three portions. Half portion for vegetables like beans,carrot,tomato,onion,cauliflower,cucumber etc., Remaining half portion should be divided into quarter with dhals,fish,egg and remaining quarter with cereals.
    No water to be consumed before half an hour of taking food, No reading Books, watching televisions while taking food should be done on any account.
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    A good information from the author regarding the diet. It is true that while eating we should have any other activity like seeing a TV or speaking over a phone or playing with a smartphone. The food should have all types of ingredients like vegetables, dals, cereals and others. Fruits can also be consumed for lunch or dinner.
    Many people will have the habit of having water while eating food. How far it is advisable I don't know. When consulted a doctor he told me that it depends on the habit of the individual and if we have the regular practice of taking water during eating it will be OK. I can't comment on this particular point. Different people have different versions. Overeating or less eating is also not advisable. Eating food without feeling hungry is also not advisable. We should practice eating only when we feel hungry.

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    The tips given by the author is very good and can be followed. But when we sit at the dining table, all kinds of discussions do take place and cannot be avoided. And as regards to beans,carrot,tomato,onion,cauliflower,cucumber etc we cannot use the same in all seasons due to price rise and non availability of the same.
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    The author has made a good point. In general, a balanced diet is always advisable. Diet does not mean starving, as is understood in many parts of India, particularly in India.

    Avoiding too much of carbohydrates like rice and balancing that with boiled vegetables is always advised by nutrition experts. Of course, the fried vegetables are best avoided. In places like AP, people do take a fairly large amount of spices, but balance that with fruits and a good amounts of curds. This is fine, as it suits the generally hot climate.

    However, what needs to be noted is to never miss the balance. For example, when we take the 'palak" in our everyday food, it not only cools down our body, but also provides a huge amount of vitamins. And then come things like millets, about which there is so much of interest in recent times.

    So, without forgetting the cultural roots of the particular place we live in, let us try for the most balanced diet on a daily basis.

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