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    Immense value of Custard Apple

    Many people are hesitating to eat custard Apple for any reason. But the usage of custard Apple is having a great value as follows:
    *This fruit contains equal level of Glucose and Sucrose.
    *It is used well in Ayurveda as tonic
    *In enriches the blood circulation and gives energy
    * Vitamin C, Calcium, Water,Protein,fat and minerals are very good to a common man.
    *The dicoction made out of the leaves of this plant controls the diarrhea.
    *Pimples will get removed if we apply the paste of this fruit mixed with some salt.
    *The dried seeds of this plant can be powdered and can be used for hair washing with moongdhal powder which gives a soft hair and removes lice.
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    The fruit is very tasty and is available in July and August months of every year. The fruit is having very good medicinal values and gives instant strength to the people. It is a cheap fruit and available fairly well in all the parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is cheap when compared to many other fruits. These trees don't need much water to grow.
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    Custard apple is a good fruit but sometimes it can trigger an allergy in people who are prone to wheezing. Elders at home would ask us to avoid this when we have a cold or when the weather is very cold.

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    It is called poor mans fruit in our region. We get plenty of custard apples during the season and unmindful of its uses and benefits, the people would purchase and eat this fruit with great taste.
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    Long back I raised a thread on custard apple. In that thread I lamented over non-availability of good custard apple either in Delhi or in Kolkata. Ms. Juana explained the reason behind it.

    Mr. Mohan: Custard apple is not a poor man's fruit in Delhi.

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    Partha Ji, the poor or rich is considered in respect of fruits,flower,vegetable according to area. In one area there is plenty in availability but rare in some places and price is fixed according to the availability and consumption. One vegetable called potels are available in orissa in plenty (I have tasted the potals fried with masala in many places) but it is very very rare in chennai. One mangoosthan fruit is available in plenty and cheap in price in the areas of courtallam and Kodaikanal but costly in chennai.

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    A good information on custard apple. This fruit is common in some places but not seen in many other places.

    It seems that commercial production of this fruit has not picked up to that extent as other fruits like mango, guava, orange, melon and apple.

    Anyway for those who like the taste of custard apple, it is a good food full of health benefits.

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