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    Alas! You can't visit this beautiful island

    The island is breathtakingly beautiful. The living beings of the island are dangerously handsome. The island is located 93 miles off the coast of Sao Paolo, Brazil. But we are not allowed to visit this beautiful island full of greenery. But why?

    Researchers have estimated that in every ten square feet of this island, approximately five snakes are there. And most of the snakes are very venomous. The venomous snakes include golden lanceheads. The poison of this variety of snake disintegrates the flesh surrounding the areas of bite, causing very very painful death within some minutes.

    Thanks to these dangerously beautiful serpents, men are not allowed on this island.
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    This is a new information to me. I never know that there is an island where there are only serpents and no human beings are allowed. Thanks to the author for sharing the information.
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    How can the island be beautiful unless and until we have the chance to enjoy and allowed to cherish the beauty of the nature but snakes cannot snatch away this right from us.
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    I am sorry that I forgot to inform the name of this island. The island is Ilha da Queimada Granda, or simply the Snake Island.
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    Glad that we are not allowed to visit these islands. I think, in the interest of the future, we should have such virgin areas where man does not enter and alter the environment. Imagine if each state or place in the world has an area ear-marked as out of reach of humans, we would have forests and vegetation along with its fauna preserved.

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