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    "The march to the south abruptly comes to a stop."

    The Supreme Court decision to conduct the floor test in Karnataka within 24 hours after its direction played the spoilsport for the BJPs intended march into the south. The all-out effort by the BJP to force its entry into the southern citadel from Karnataka ended in a disgraceful manner with Mr. Yeddyurappa's resignation before taking the floor test. Karnataka is the only hope for BJP as the other Southern States do not even allow it to have a coalition also after what happened with the Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh. Is this the beginning of retreat for the BJP?
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    It is good that Yeddyurappa gently resigned without doing any ungraceful acts to get the majority. Initially itself he might not have expressed his desire to form the government. But he has sworn in and within 24 hours he has resigned. Now the coalition government will come with Congress supporting a party with just 36 MLAs. We have to wait and see how long this government will be in the ruling. The same thing happened in the centre also once BJP. Mr Vajpayee resigned after addressing the Parliament and Mr Deva Gowda had become the PM with the support of Congress. But he couldn't survive for long. Now his son is becoming CM with Congress support. Let us wish he will continue as CM for full time.
    BJP may not get any seats in South. Telangana, AP, Kerala and TN are having other parties and now Karnataka also has gone. SO chances for BJP are very less in South.

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    Can ISC editor look into this thread?

    When there are already few thread running on Karnataka election. When these kind of opinion could be said in the same thread, why another thread is allowed here?

    However, let me have to say my opinion. The people of Karnataka thought to remove the Congress party, in which they were succeeded too. However, because of the short majority of BJP, the Karnataka people again have to bear the congress until the JDS and Congress joined government runs. It is highly surprising to see that with 38 seats a political party earn the CM post. I think this is called democracy.

    Seems people were happy to see BJP out from the Government but forget to see that they lost the majority Government and faith of the people and forced to support a party who is having 38 seats?

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    For me the position is not important but I am concern more about the salary part & the facilities being given by the company to whom I am working for.

    So for me the BJP isn't a loser & at the same time has nothing to worry about as they already proved by coming up as a largest party. With this we also come to know the majority of population has voted for BJP while the vote share for rest of the party has declined.

    This is yet be seen about how long this JDS + Congress will support each other as the Congress has a bad report card in the past having withdrawing its support because of numbers of terms & conditions put fourth by them.

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    It is surprising to find that so many members support the most corrupted BJP.

    It does appear that they do not understand that Modi has been a big zero, as he has not done anything for the common man. By keeping deposit rates at the lowest levels, he has only tried to boost the banking sector, that has only given huge loans to the dirtiest of people. During the Congress regime, the IT sector grow by leaps and bounds, and the entire revolution can be traced to the Congress regime and its initiatives.

    Given the fact that the alternative is the most corrupted Kumarasamy, one can feel sorry for the people of Karnataka. Of course, it is possible that kumarasamy will amend his corrupt ways and start becoming sensible. That he is not an intellectual is very unfortunate about him, but hopefully, he will do something better this time.

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    Please know that BJP almost won the Karnataka elections but for the few seats it was left behind. And in the name of secular tags, some parties are not ready to sail with BJP and thus the voters who rejected Congress and JDS with meagre presence here and there are forcing themselves and bracing up to form the government. One thing is sure, the new government wont be safe because the BJP is the wounded tiger and it can cause harm to the government at any time and it wont allow that to perform for the term. The strong opposition would make the new government run for the money and prestige.
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    There is some substance to the learned member's objection to this thread. For the past one week, we are discussing the Karnataka election in various threads. The reason is the fractured verdict and then the shameless conduct of the BJP to encourage defections immediately after the election results are announced.
    The content of the thread is about the proposed future plans of the BJP to capture power all over India and finish off opposition parties. We South Indians mostly have an aversion to the BJP and RSS combine. We do not want this combination in South India. We have our regional parties which are doing well. Mr. Amit Shah planned a conquest of South with Karnataka. The means adopted there is a shame to any democracy. This naturally makes people like me think and discuss this abrupt end to the march to South. Let the members express their opinion about the proposed march by the BJP Into the Southern States.

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    KVRR sir what you said is right BJP full form is Uttara Bharatiya Janata Party the only invisible part is Uttara.....It is said by none other than our honorable vice president Venkhaya Naidu in an interview. He also said that he does not have any interest to learn Hindi but for to communicate with higher authorities in BJP who are predominantly North belt leaders he learned Hindi. Once upon a time, he participated in Hindi agitations by putting black marks on Hindi signboards.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    The answer to this is not so simple. We have entered an era where in fractured verdicts will be the norm. The last bastions of a party that could taken for granted have gone.

    What would help the parties would be the level to which corruption is minimized, adherence to pre-poll agendas, plans to help the people. If a party sticks to these basics, then they have a shot at coming and staying in power. The BJP has to look beyond rhetoric and the awesome twosome because, they have become victims of their own recent coalition government forming strategies. As far as the South is concerned, the BJP was surprised with very little time for horse trading tactics and hence for the time being they've lost in Karnataka. They are not in the picture as far as TN, AP, Kerala is concerned. If they don't come out with a winning strategy, then this could very well be the beginning of the retreat.

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