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    If the Congress Bhakt and BJP Bhakt is over can we become ISCian once again?


    Yes, I feel to laugh the way we fight and taunt each other, sometimes very seriously sometimes poking. Yes, we too have our own ideology, we too have our own liking and disliking as per the political party is concerned. However, one thing is common that we are to post our own opinion. Sometimes it is biased and sometimes unbiased.

    So what now? The Karnataka election is over and lets us wait for another election to get into arguments! Till then let us try to post some unique thread other than politics just for refreshment.

    Let us joined hand to work for ISC as the political parties joined hand to form a government.

    What you say about this?
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    I totally agree with you. Posting unique and creative threads is not my strong point. As suggested by you let us have a break from politics as far as possible.
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    Everyone is having their own affiliations. Once we have an affiliation we feel ours is correct. It is human nature. So we argue as per our ideas and support. There may be truth in its some time and sometimes we argue for the sake of argument. Karnataka elections are over One as sworn in as CM and he has resigned. Now the other two parties will form the government and they will rule the state.
    Another state elections may come or Mp elections may come. Something or other will be cropping up on that front. But I agree with the author that let us not restrict our discussions only to these politics and political parties. Let us discuss other points also which are good and useful.

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    Sir. great. Let us all try to work together to post something very meaningful, so that we can also become that much more knowledgeable.

    Well, the posts related to the Karnataka State were healthy too. On the one hand, we had the great PM and his master manipulator and on the other side, we had the Congress party trying to salvage a win. This did not happen, but the Congress has won a moral victory.

    However, we should not forget that politics is an integral part of our existence. We need to question the rascal representatives, who run amok, with our own money, on the most useless schemes, like the rupees fifty crore memorial being planned for the late Queen of corruption, the arrogant Jayalalitha. is that not the height of nonsense?

    We do hope to weave together a rich mosaic of different topics, that, when taken as a whole, will bring some healthy discussion to the fore, and also keep our members engrossed in a huge variety of thoughts.

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    It is an Indian tradition to discuss politics, what course children study, religion, corruption and what women should do, how elders are ill-treated and motivational topics. Yes, we need to move on from politics. We need some new thoughts and ideas in the forum until a new political topic comes our way.
    The Karnataka election discussions have given some simple messages of life, never take things for granted, never give up, try hard if you've got nothing to lose and an enemy of an enemy can be friends.

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    We have been influenced by their ideologies and tall leaders personality cult and for that sheer purpose, we get attracted to the party. We are not benefited who comes to power. Like we support the actors, we support the politicians and parties. Thats all.
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