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    Please Help Me to Choose Best Career Option After 10th

    What is the Best Career option after 10th Standard?
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    Please ask the question in ''Ask Expert'' section to get valuable guidance. Kindly furnish some details and your own aim.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Dear Mr Purvi,

    You have asked a very important question. There is no mention of your special interests.

    However, let me try to help you to the maximum extent I can.

    Please do understand that the most important decision that you need to take right now, is to choose which "group" you would like to take in your plus 2 course of two years. I do not know if you belong to the State Board or the CBSE.

    Nevertheless, here is a big check-list, that you need to answer, to hit, what I might call, the exact target.

    1. First sit in a room, undisturbed by anyone, and note down on a piece of paper, your real interest. It might be singing, dancing, or even creative writing. Suppose you had written a poem, that was so unique, it was appreciated by all, and you felt so happy. So, there is a writer lurking within you. This is your calling.

    2, Next, do the plus two course, but switch over to the commerce and computer science stream. This has a huge value and is much cheaper to do, than mere engineering. However, if you are too good in mathematics, you can choose the first group, which means Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.

    3. Once you have zeroed in on your real interest, it becomes easy for you to pursue your dream. For instance, if you are so good in writing, as mentioned in the first point, you could continue this writing, even after doing a course like the CA and taking up a job. Suppose you get introduced to someone in the film industry, and you become a good script writer in movies. No issues, as you already in one career that is lucrative, but will also ride another, where you can give some shape to your passion. Of course, there are some script writers, who decide to do this full time, after quitting their jobs.

    4. So, what happens in your future, will be greatly determined by what you want to achieve in your life and the starting point is always the plus two course.

    5. However, please do note that there are courses like the MBA that you can do after your basic degree, and even after your CA, you can do an MBA from the IIMs.

    6. Likewise, it is possible to take up careers in new areas like interior design, fashion design, and so on.

    7. So, keep your ears and eyes open. You can easily identify a good career, which will be in line with your deep desires and what we normally call, as "calling" or "inner voice.

    All the best.

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    After SSC the chances for a career are there. But I suggest you do some course after SSC before going for a job. If you are interested in working in the technical field try to do either ITI or Diploma. It will not take many years to complete this and you will have very fair chance of getting a job suitable to your qualification. If you are not interested in this line and if you want to continue in administration side or science group, you better get into +2 or Intermediate with science or commerce group basing on your interest and desire. After completing the course if you are interested in teaching you have to go DEd. or go for a degree.
    If you don't want to study any further you may have to settle for a small job in any private Organisation and then try for Class IV jobs in government organisations.

    always confident

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