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    Do you agree BJP is overriding all our basic constitutionary systems in light of Karnataka issue?

    In Karnataka through the back door with the help of government tried to grab power and BJP openly announced it is going to celebrate their win of the test of confidence on the floor of the house. If Supreme Court has not given its verdict against it and has not reduced the time duration to one day, BJP would have manipulated its numbers by bribing from central level itself. SC also questioned the legitimacy of giving chance to BJP by governer as it has no chance of making up their less number. In the same with the help of governor system in Goa, Manipur, Meghalaya, Bihar it is able to grab the power. Today Mr.Rahul in a press meet opined BJP party, Mr.Modi, Mr. Amit Shah, RSS ruining the functionary systems of our Constitution which is a great set back for our democracy. All political parties of India including Loksatta and Shivsena strongly agreeing with the words of Mr.Rahul Gandhi. Do you think the same or differently?
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    With so much eagerness to criticize BJP, the author has forgotten to re-check what he has been writing. I would request him to extensively edit and correct the title and the thread before seeking other Members' opinions on BJP's action (i.e., encouraging others to criticize BJP).
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    There is no doubt about the point the author has raised. The Supreme Courts direction for early floor test saved the day for the democracy. The Governor was misused. The arguments put forward by the Government of India before the Supreme Court regarding defections attracted severe comments from the court. The Governor's post and the discretionary powers were misused. I am saying this not because of Karnataka alone but from what happened in similar circumstances in Goa, Manipur, and Meghalaya. The Congress party was also guilty of doing such things in the past. The BJP instead of quoting bad precedents should try to avoid such blatant misdeeds.
    Both the Congress and BJP feel that the judiciary should be secondary to the Government. The happenings in the country since independence prove that of all the institutions, the judiciary is the most important institution as the Government is the litigant in a majority of the cases. The independence of the judiciary is of utmost importance. The Congress and the BJP tried their level best to butt into it through NJAC. There may be some changes needed in the Collegium System. It should not be taken as an excuse for the Government to have its presence in the system. The faults may be rectified and the system should be left intact and independent.
    The party in power always comes under severe criticism. The social media was almost nonexistent in the previous regimes. Now it is very active. The people are active. They are watching and commenting on every aspect of the governance. This should not be taken that it is against the BJP only. For any political party, this will be applicable from now on.

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    If BJP has become a bad party today, thanks to the Congress which was doing all the tricks all these years to retain power and to be in power. The way Congress would now be enjoying the seat of power with connivance of JDS, it seems democracy has really died. When single largest party was not given the respect and credence , even courts are not understanding this. Any way when the people has nearly given the mandate, just for few seats, BJP cannot be blamed for overriding constitution. They have to approach other party members to support and that is what Yedyuarppa tried and missed.
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    In the Karnataka Assembly election, BJP has got 104 seats. It has missed the single majority mark by a whisker. It has almost trebled its seat tally. It has doubled its vote share.

    On the other hand, the third-largest party is going to form the Government with another party which has just now been kicked out of the power. 14 of its ministers of the (previous cabinet) party have lost the election. The previous Chief Minister lost his own constituency by a huge difference. He somehow managed to scrape through another seat by 1600 votes, thanks to NOTA.

    And some Members of ISC are saying that BJP was trying to murder the democracy. It is ''overriding all our basic constitutionary systems'' (what does it mean, by the way).

    A great man has aptly stated: "Common sense is the most uncommon thing in the world''.

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    A party leader with just 36 seats is going to be the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Is it that the people of Karnataka wanted? I don't think so. If really Congress has the confidence why they are not taking the CM post as the second party with highest members of the Assembly. Their only agenda is that BJP should not be there in power. They know the power-hungry Kumara Swamy will not agree with anything less than CM post. This is how a rejected party by the people is coming to power. There is nothing wrong with the Single largest party claiming the majority. The party politely accepted that there is no majority for them and resigned. Now we will see how long these people will rule the state.
    All these years Congress has done many mistakes to be in power and take care of the power crazy family of India. How long will it continue? Is there no leader in Congress who can lead the party properly?

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    The Karnataka people played a joke on the BJP. They made it "so near yet so far. "The Awesome Twosome' was administered it's own medicine. The Pro-term Speaker and the BJP lawmakers left even before the National Anthem was played. This is the respect these so-called nationalists show to the National Anthem. The respectable Governor was also guilty of showing disrespect to the National Anthem. In 2015, the Governor left the podium in a function while the National Anthem was being played. He had to be brought back to stay until the National Anthem was completely played. These so-called nationalists do not mind if their own members disrespect the National Anthem. They beat up any others including disabled persons when they did not stand up for the National Anthem.
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    The recent poll of the Karnataka indicates that the people don't like the same pattern to be followed every time and it gives them immense pleasure to to have a new experiment. The arithmetic of having secured more than 50 percent of elected member of a party or the alliance formed with the two parties having agreeable policies can form the government has been acceptable to our domecratic system since a long time. This even speaks of healthy trend of polling. A slight shortfall of votes of a particular party definitely indicates that the people have fascination for the said party and the party has to understand the psycology of the local people so as to win their heart. It gives enough scopes to entire party's top form better in terms of welfare of the people. As is evident from the results of recent pollings, it appears that to get absolute majority we have to come closer to our people to understand the problems with which they are facing.

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    Parties can misuse their power and clouts to get things done for their own advantage but the judiciary should be above all this. This was demonstrated by the SC which in an unprecedented move gave an instant decision to have the floor test in 24 hours and not 15 days. I liked the way, that the floor test was advised to be telecast live.
    This sends a clear message to all political parties and Governors that they are not above the constitution and any irregularities or deviations from the norm will not be tolerated.

    In this particular case, the BJP could have waited before hastily announcing the oath-taking ceremony. The leaders could have anticipated the decision from SC and instead of holding power for 30 hours and then losing face, it could've waited to get the numbers and put forth it's stake after thinking out a course of action.

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    Judiciary has definitely proved that it is above petty politics, but the cry babies (should I name them) don't think so. If the judgment goes in their favour, they start praising judiciary like anything. If the judgment doesn't help them, cry babies start comparing Indian judiciary with the judiciaries of other banana republics.
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