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    How has Chennai become the safest city for women?

    Chennai, the gateway of South India, and the fourth largest metro in the country, is home to over one crore people. There is a recent drive to expand the limits of the city.

    Be that as it may, Chennai is also the best city for women, and has been voted as the best city for women.

    How did this happen?

    Firstly, Chennai is no more a small city. It is growing by leaps and bounds, and in all directions, it has expanded to over fifty kilometers. In fact, city buses ply to places as far as seventy kilometers. Hence, there is a huge number of people at any point in time, and it is impossible for any wrong to happen, without inviting the wrath of the people who would be present everywhere.

    Secondly, Chennai sleeps very late. It is home to a huge number of IT professionals, who work right up to midnight and beyond. The traffic is so huge, that Chennai always has traffic jams at some many places. It is not so easy for the anti-social elements to cause any damage.

    Thirdly, since the public transport of EMU trains, buses, shared autos and the Chennai metro is now available, the new areas have developed at such a fast pace, that people have started living in such very well developed areas. For example, Guduvancheri, that was once upon a time a sleepy village, that is, twenty years ago, is now a huge well developed suburb. It is so fast developing into a satellite town in its own right. So, people do move around at all times.

    Fourthly, the city police take effective steps to curb any incident harming women in any form. The road side romeos where thrashed mercilessly. Even today, when there is a small mischief, the police spring into action immediately.

    And lastly, people by themselves do respect women and even when there is so much of nonsense in the society, Chennai is one place where traditions mix so well with modernity.

    So, welcome to the safe Chennai city!!
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    "Chennai is one place where traditions mix so well with modernity." Very true. Good observation by the author. In Chennai, we find orthodox and modern styles of living. They mix very well. The Tamilians have good traditions. What all the author has expressed about the safety of women in Chennai are true. Apart from what was mentioned by the author, the traditions and the values of the Tamilians make the city a safe place for women. A beautiful place for those who want to enjoy traditional music and dance. The 'Madras Music Academy' is a great place.
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    Sir, today apart from the Music Academy, every single singer of repute has his/her training school for Carnatic Music. Yes, these are a bit costly, but people simply lap them up, as they are very serious about music for their children.

    Apart from this, theater is still active and Chennai is the second largest film producing center in India. It is the livelihood of millions who depend on Cinema for their survival. Places in Chennai develop even without any Government support. Witness what has happened to East and West Tambaram.

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    Just two days back I was in Chennai and found that females are given great respect either in the bus or trains. Their allotted seats are not grabbed and even the bus stops when a woman wants to board. Good that the city respects the ladies.
    K Mohan
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    In fact, South India as a whole is a safe place for women when compared to north India. The people are very polite and respect others. barring a few erring people majority are law abiders and try to behave themselves properly.
    Chennai is definitely a city where different cultures people live together and traditional values are very high. Because of these traditional values only they respect women and honour them anywhere and everywhere. Many times I had been to Chennai and I found people give respect to ladies more. But what I have seen the police will make the neighbouring state people suffer from stopping their vehicles on the roads and expect money from them for no reason. So my friend used to tell me you park your car near my house and we will go in my car. Why police behave like this is a puzzle to me. It will not happen in Hyderabad and Vijayawada.

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    Great to hear that Chennai is voted to be a safe place for women. Barring a few areas and few miscreants, generally, the metros would be safe provided the women are localities and know the area well. The problem comes when people are visitors or new to that particular locality. Somehow the troublemakers are aware of these new people and try to play mischief with them.
    There are many places in Bangalore where the old traditions blend well with modern developments, the only problem is the lack of space. In the rapidly expanding peripheral areas of the city where amenities like street lighting and roads are not well developed are the places where women would feel vulnerable.

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    Well.... don't you think....all above things are obviously there in Mumbai and Delhi too?
    Metros, efficient police, thrashing public, never sleeping IT and huge public transport network....are all infact in much more larger scale in Mumbai and Delhi. Those cities are huge too.
    So how come you are so sure that above mentioned stats are what has made Chennai a safe for women place?

    Here is what I believe. Not many women walk on roads in midnight in Chennai, do they ?
    I haven't been in Chennai for long but for the little time I was there , I didn't see women out at night after 11. Maybe sadly independence of women and their freedom come with a cost.
    They unawaringly expose themselves to lusty blind humans of dark.

    Mumbai and Delhi on otherhand has a lot of its women hanging around at night outside. I'm not trying to point out women here. Please understand .
    I'm just saying..that police and public cannot work as efficiently at night.
    And traditional orthodox Chennai women refrain from staying out at night. Maybe that could be the reason. Or maybe the mindset in these metropolitans highly differ.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Mr Aditya Mohan, please do note that Chennai has been voted as the safest city in some recent surveys, details of which can be sourced from the internet.

    I think you are way off the mark, only because you do not know anything about Chennai of today. The night life is as famous as elsewhere, with women of all ages regularly visiting the pubs and the dancing places, right up 3AM.

    And please do not think that this is restricted to the rich. There are thousands of middle class people who stay out late at night. Once again, you do not seem to be knowing anything about current fashions. The Chennai women are now as modernly dressed as what you would normally see only in Mumbai.

    Sir, if what you say is right, how is that New Delhi, is the most horrible place, with the highest crime rate, more so, rapes? How is the police not able to do anything? The police in Chennai do a very good job. If you have any doubt, come and see,

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