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    What are the proverbs which came to your mind during the Kar ’natak’ episode

    To explain and illustrate something for easy understanding and learning some lessons, we always try to quote old proverbs and some punch lines we heard or learned.

    The recent Karnataka episode also would have evoked many such proverbs and quotes in our mind or we would have used them in our conversations and interactions.

    I had recalled at least two old sayings .1. Anything in excess,even Amrut, is a poison(Ashikamaayaal amrutum visham)-I thought even excess self confidence also is detrimental.

    2. Whatever you give you will get back elsewhere (Koduththaal kollaththum kittum).

    What all proverbs and sayings came to your mind in the context? (Please don't use names of individuals or political parties, but just the proverbs and sayings)
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    "Politics makes strange bedfellows", with regard to Congress and JDS alliance. "So near yet so far", with regard to BJP failing to get the numbers. "Payback in one's own coin" with respect to Congress strategy of aligning with JDS. "A taste of own medicine". "Sour grapes".
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Really the episode is very interesting. BJP thought there will be some "Cats on the will" to jump either side. But Supreme court made it not to happen. If we have money the monkey from the hill also will come down is a proverb in Telugu which proved to be wrong in Karnataka episode. Even though some huge amount is offered, MLAs couldn't change sides. If the distributor is our person even though you are in the lost place of the row you need not worry, is another proverb in Telugu. The same thing happened in Karnataka. 36 MLAs leader is becoming Chief Minister even though it is the 3rd largest party.
    always confident

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    Pidi se peedith they Karnatak vaasi, jab BJP ko seat kum aayi ,Kumaranna unku lagey Man Marzi
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The first thing that comes to my mind is the line that Sherlock Holmes says in one of the stories, What one man can invent, the other can certainly discover.

    There are many phrases that were used by the press during this election. The best quotes that I came across in the net that can be applied here are

    In politics, nothing happens by accident, if it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. Franklin D Roosevelt, American President.

    Bad officials are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote. George Jean Nathan.

    But, the best would be like in relation to Karnataka fractured verdict. Politics is a lot more than winning and losing. Politics at its best is about compromise, shades of grey and about issues. Matt Taibbi.

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    In Tamil there is a proverb " Theinaal sutta vadu arumay, araadhu naavinaal sutta vadu " that means if you cause injury to a person that would heal sooner or later, but not the verbal abuse vented on them. There was bitter verbal duel between Congress and JDS before the polls and now they have kept their difference on the back burner just for their lust to power.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    After all the Drama and speculations in Karnataka, I must say that "Nothing official about it".

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    Sir, I shall quote from a famous film song in Tamil and then translate it for the benefit of the Members.

    It goes like this: "eththanai kaalam than emmattuvaar intha nattilae". This translates into "how long will they cheat you in this country?

    That the powers that be, were not able to cheat the Supreme Court of India, is a case in point.

    MGR, the great leader of Tamil Nadu, had an uncanny ability of waking people up through his lovely songs. There is this magical song from the landmark film called, "Rickshakkaaran". It goes like this: " ange sirappavargal sirigattum aanava sirippu, enge nee sirikkum pon sirippo aadavan sirippu". This translates into "let those who are egoistic have all their laughter. This golden laughter of yours is that of God."

    God has saved our country from the looters. God will positively make some amends to ensure that the fellow now occupying the chair, will remember that he is being watched for every move. If he tries to do what happened in Bihar, he will meet his Waterloo.

    Let me leave it at that.

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