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    Why we are afraid of change?

    Are we afraid of change? Do we dread to tread the unknown path? Should we fear challenges or should we face them? Let us discuss this question in this thread in detail based on personal experiences as well as other examples.

    Every one wants calm and quiet life. The dream of a smooth and easy life flow is one which many wish to get in their real life.

    Any change is seen with fear and apprehensions. We think that if we go for new challenges and endeavours, we may fail and may land in difficult times.

    Very few people are courageous enough to face the challenges associated with change.

    Management institutes teach their students as how to tackle the changes and manage them. Still many of them are not ready to accept the quick changes in life.

    What is the view of members on the dynamics of change? How to manage it?
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    One should fear for a change. A change is always good for a push in the life. When professional plans for a change from an organisation to another Organisation he will plan that very correctly and he will face the challenges and come out successfully so that he can move forward in his career. In the same, we should be ready to face any change without fear. When change is inevitable face it plan it and make it successful.
    We should always think that every change is a positive step towards growth in the life. Then we will be successful. If we are afraid of a change we will not be able to face the change we will be proved to be a failure.
    In our life, we will be facing many changes and all will be for our betterment only.

    always confident

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    A change is always accompanied by challenges of difference dimensions to which all are not ready or acquainted with. Challenges itself a great task to be dealt with and the challenges accompanied with new change is always unique and not gone through in the past.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As humans, we are victims of comfort, creatures of habituation and order. We need to have an inherent plan about endpoints based on what has worked for us. a monthly salary, a regular bus route to work, a certain amount of savings etc.

    Any change in this routine is feared by many people because of the apparent threat it poses to what we take to be a stable life/income etc.

    What we forget is that change is inevitable, we have to be prepared to adapt, have the positive mindset to go beyond our comfort zone and adjust to understanding the unknown parameters. The ones who do not have this concept, unfortunately, get left out and finally lose the race when change actually comes in. It is always useful for people to have at least one more trade in hand that can be a potential money earner because change happens in every job sector and we should not find ourselves in troubled waters when change comes at our doorstep.

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    This word in one way leads to the happening to something good & this too in another way leads to something which may bring unpleasant experiences. This unpleasant experiences leads to devoid for taking risks for any changes. Although any coin having two sides but we are more afraid of the resulting worst part.

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    A very nice thread. Long time back, I wrote an article in ISC on how we come across changes in our life and how should we tackle them happily.
    Changes do happen for our growth and learning. If life becomes constant with the same kind of behaviour, it will turn out to be boring. We need changes to make our life interesting and outgoing. Changes give us experiences. We do get afraid at first time if we will be able to get through it, but if we are understanding the significance of that change, we will welcome it in a very happy way.
    We just need to be hopeful and able to cope up the upcoming changes.
    We can follow two options, either accept the change or decline it. So one should think and work accordingly.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    It is quite natural. It takes a little time for our brain to get adjusted with new things which changes bring. As a result, all of us resist or don't welcome change, although it is the most permanent feature of our life.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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