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    How to increase social security for the poor?

    Today, after linking the Aadhar card to the PAN number, within a matter of seconds, it is possible for any State Government to know exactly the economic status of any citizen , urban or rural.

    And, planning some schemes for the very poor people, so that they are far better in terms of their existence, if not growth?

    Some experiments have already been done in some States. In Tamil Nadu, there was the white card holders (this author included), who were entitled only to sugar, at some one kilo for each member of the family, at subsidized prices. The logic is simple. Those who are relatively better off, will simply subsidize the poor. In fact, Governments will do well to invite Corporate organizations to contribute to this kitty, so that this corpus can be used to subsidize the rations.

    This is not enough. Rice is given at the rate of twenty kilograms to each ration holder. This should even be increased to thirty kilograms, in every State, after identifying the real beneficiaries.

    If we reduce some expenditure, this kind of subsidy is more easy to provide. We have one of the most idiotic Union Ministers, from Tamil Nadu, and belonging to the BJP, who flies down to Tamil Nadu and more so, to Madurai, every second day. He does not seem to be seem to doing anything sensible at all. Why should this comedian come down, at Government expense?

    We need to question such wasteful expenditure.

    Now, coming back to the subsidies. Why not give them at least five kilograms of sugar, and one kilogram of each of the major dall, that finds its way to the kitchen, at subsidized prices. The rich, that is every single citizen who can contribute to this corpus, which should be used to subsidize the rations to the poor.

    I guess this is poetic justice. It is something that we all need to do. We need to even approach the Supreme Court to get this done. In an era where we have the smart cards for rations, it is very easy possible to identify what needs to be done to keep the corpus as healthy as possible, so that the voluntary contributions can continue at any point in time.

    Well, the likes of Rajnikant, whose net worth is seventy thousand crore rupees, can contribute to this corpus. In fact, there should be no "can" here. It should always be "should".

    Members can also suggest any innovative measure to keep the poor happy and their head above water.
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    Social awareness is the biggest instrument & the mechanism through which the improvement at various levels can be fulfilled. The second most important instrument could be the understanding wherein the slightly capable person take up the responsibility of refusing to up the benefits of the various social schemes so that this benefit can goes to the individuals who required this most. This will also help in reducing the burdens on the government resources enabling the government to go to the extra miles.

    But with this we are challenged by the mentality which don't feel important to be part of this. So all those middleman who eat up the shares of the others who are as per government policies have been declared as the actual recipients of the schemes.

    We know that those are insecure of the society within themselves having the sense of fear which doesn't let them part of an active society. This needs to be changed & this remains everyone's responsibiity.

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    Social security for the poor has been on the anvil in Telangana state. Thanks to the one day survey undertaken by the state government when it was formed and the details of the poor are at the finger tips of the CM and planning authorities. That is why the Rhythu Bandhu scheme launched by CM KCR is the direct benefit to the farming community who are really poor and lost money in crops. In this scheme also well to do farmers, and rich farmers are asked to return the money paid by the government so that the the real poor gets the benefit. Hope other governments also take such surveys.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A thoughtful thread and the unequal wealth distribution and how to help the poor. many have tried to bridge the back but in a free world that is more towards capitalism, India has also gone the MNC way, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer.

    But In a society, we just cannot make the poor richer by making the rich poorer (Winston Churchill). What we need is standard measures in place by the Governments to help the poor and efforts by the poor to become better and just live off handouts. Help should, by all means, are given to people who are actually trying working and trying to make ends meet.

    In an ideal world, the rich can give money but in practical terms, most of it is lost by the time it reaches the poor. The loss is due to official apathy, misuse, corruption and non-productive beneficiaries.

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    I accept that definitely poor should be helped to improve their status in the society. But how long the government can give them subsidies and bring them up. What I feel is government should think of means and ways to provide jobs to all the people or ways to earn their food. That will make them earn their food and they need not be at the mercy of the Government.
    In addition to that government can definitely think of some subsidy schemes to the poor. The Telangana government introduced a scheme of Rs. 4000/- to every acre of land a farmer has. A farmer has 100 acres will get 4000X 100 = 4,00.000/- and a farmer with one acre will get 4000/-. How far it is correct. Like this because of the many schemes of government only rich are becoming richer. A farmer with 100 acres will also have a card which will give him free medical treatment. Here the government is not able to control these misuses and the hard earned tax payers money is getting wasted.

    always confident

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