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    The lost charm of thesis writing

    Has writing a thesis lost its earlier charm? What could be the possible causes of this decline?

    Writing a thesis during our post-graduation/higher education was a herculean task in the good old days. One had to approach the guides with a bunch of suitable topics, discuss with our seniors, check the library resources etc. Then we needed to draft a synopsis, finalize it, get it checked by the guide and then make a booklet and send it off to the university.

    After this comes the work of collecting our own data, try to make some sense out of it, make rough sheets and then collate it in the form of a master chart. The hardest part was to find the references, we needed to visit the big departmental libraries, search literature, if something was not available, then fill out the form to get it from other national libraries etc.

    Adding pictures was the old fashioned way, hard copy on a black thick sheet, legends typed cut and stuck. By the time, we can have the thesis approved by our PG guide, get it typed and bound, it was a major task to get it completed so that we can prepare for the final exams. But once completed, we had a sense of pride and satisfaction, smiles on our faces and the PG guide and a sense that we have achieved something by hard work.

    Of course, this was before we have widespread access to internet and inkjet printers. Now, seeing candidates do their thesis, it looks so easy, everything can be altered, adjusted, pictures added, references got and even printed within the college. No hectic running around to various libraries, no standing in queues for Xerox, no use of correction fluid etc.

    But none the less, the old-fashioned way of thesis writing did have its own charm.
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    For good thesis , there must be good topic and have good introduction. A best introduction would induce the readers to go in depth about the thesis. Wide research goes with every thesis and there should not be any doubts on the contents thus raised. Yes it is the fact that present day thesis writing has become easy because of lots of inputs available to the students and they have the facility to correct the final out put before submitting. Moreover some students have been cheating by stealing famous thesis and re editing them by adding good pre summary and photos and their own observation but that kind of approach would be caught by the vigil Universities.
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    In earlier days in some of the Universities, the PG course was also done by research. They used to work a lot on a topic selected by him and approved by his PG Guide. This I am talking about the practice in the 1960s or so. Later on, PG is only by study and in the final year of PG, every candidate has to do a project. This Project is mainly related to some practical work for science students. This is in the 1970s. Those days people used to go to the library and do a lot of literature survey and make a note of all important points and note the references and plan for a small work that is to be carried out by the individual. This requires the approval of the Guide and then work is to be carried out. The results are to be listed and come to an understanding and make the Thesis. This is the procedure we have followed in our PG.
    But these days the process is changed and there is no question work carrying out in M.Sc. Only literature collection and making a report of the present status.

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    There has been a consistent decline in the standards of research in every University. There are some doctorates among constables selected in Haryana. So, one can imagine what will be their standard of specialization.

    However, there are islands of high quality thesis writing, still going on in India. Whether it is through the IT infrastructure or through the most traditional methods, it is absolutely essential that there will be a huge amount of data collected, through huge hard work.

    Even today, at the prestigious Indian Institute of Ahmedabad, the amount of research work they produce is world-class. Kindly go through some publications to understand the scholarship of the world-class professors, who write working papers on every subject, through a huge amount of hard work and research. Each working paper looks like a thesis, at every step.

    The professors are able to talk with authority on any subject, as they have research findings to support their point of view.

    Another fabulous institution for world-class research is the Chennai Institute of Development Studies, where the quality of research produced has influenced the think tanks around the world, including World Bank. Many projects are in fact, funded by such bodies. This is not mere academic research. This is world-class economic research that redefines government policy in many areas around the world.

    So, we still have research in all its splendor, in a few places. Yes, the quality has deteriorated, but we all need to understand why this has happened and how to do something about it.

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