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    Post Yeddyurappa's resignation, has BJP gained sympathy in Karnataka or not?

    When JDS and Congress are in happy mood to form the next government in Karnataka, every one thought that this is end for the BJP in Karnataka and South. But those who voted for the BJP in Karnataka are feeling proud & elated as Yeddyurappa has not involved in horse trading and that would have been bad remark for the BJP. But he chose to resign and thus kept the highest principle of democracy intact and for that he has earned the sympathy of Karnataka voters. JDS with just 38 seats have been given power to which Kannadigas are against. So BJP is the winner here.
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    Now as Congress and JD(S) try to subvert people's verdict by forming an unholy coalition, both the parties would be finished in the next Lok Sabha election of 2019. The people are watching the drama, but they are not enjoying it.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Mr. Yeddyurappa is a shining example of a person who upholds the values of democratic principles in India. The very fact that he resigned without trying to lure the lawmakers of other parties is an example of his integrity and the respect he has for the democratic values. He made all the Kannadigas who voted for him proud by resigning before the floor test. His party high command also conducted itself in a very graceful manner all through the campaigning and post declaration of results. Even though the BJP and Mr. Yeddyurappa fell flat in forming the Government, they are the winners as always.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    " Post Yedhyuraapa resignation, Does BJP gained sympathy in Karnataka or not ?"

    Voters hve now sympathy only to themselves.

    People sincerely voted. They had their own judgement and expectation. They waited for results. Saw the results. Then they saw the drama being enacted by all the parties. People just shook their head, as they are well aware that they do not have any role now. So after a day's entertainment they went back to their routine, where there is no one to offer them anything,but they only have to shoulder their burden.

    So now in the minds of the people, there is no Congress, no JDS, and no BJP. Only their day to day burdens and responsibilities, worries how to meet the two ends of income and expenditure, how to manage day to day life etc.

    The voters have sympathy only to themselves. They clearly know that until next election they have no value at all. There are many others who act as principals as if they have got free for all power of attorney from people to do anything they wanted.
    Sympathy-- only self sympathy for themselves as voters.

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    Let us have patience for six months. The squabble has already started. The friendly dispute is on the post of Deputy CM's position. Let's enjoy the drama for six months before the next Assembly election.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    People who have listened to the luring of MLA tapes by BJP members hope that it is all false. If it is true then people would not have any sympathy.

    Already, there were planning for a celebration and Yeddyurappa even announced schemes for farmers on Saturday morning. I think between the MLA swearing-in ceremony and the actual floor test, the think tank team of BJP would have made a decision to salvage whatever honor that is left instead of going through the floor numbers.
    One fact that many others beyond Karnataka would not be aware of is the skill and tact of Mr.DK Shivakumar of Congress who had the difficult task of keeping the flock of JD(S) and Congress MLAs intact.

    I don't think Mr.Yeddyurappa has had the last laugh yet, already there are talks of 2 Deputy CMs to keep the communities happy and Mr.Kumaraswamy has stated that there is no talk of sharing the CM post, he would be in it for full 5 years.

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    20 Cabinet posts for Congress ? This itself will bring more squabbles and bad name to the so called Secular government.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I don't know about Karnataka Voters. But I feel BJP might have got a better sympathy if they have not tried for forming the government and allowed the other two parties to form the coalition government like in GOA. Now people feel that only SC intervention has made the democracy live there.
    In my opinion, all the three parties played foul there. How can a party with 36 MLAs from the government and what is the logic in a party with 70+ seats supporting a third party? Already the situation is becoming a little volatile and the difference of opinions will be cropping up about the distribution of posts. We know the leader Kumaraswamy for his power mania. So I feel the government may not lose long and they may have midterm elections in 2019 along with MP elections.
    Coming to the question sympathy, it is getting distributed. Every party has its own sympathisers and there is no question of one party getting sympathy and the other not getting.

    always confident

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    The opportunist politics is now going on post election. Before elections both parties were enemies and now they dine on same table. Shame on them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have been watching this discussion since quite some time & a lot has been said from the spokespersons of different parties. Although a wide debates too but one thing is common that the Congress Party & the JDS haven't gone ahead an inch for growth or development agenda but instead feeling happy that they have been able to keep the BJP from the ruling power. This is one scenario.

    Another scenario is of BJP, wherein & to some extent they are playing the victim card so as to get the attention for rest of the nation for the next general election in 2019. There has been a trend wherein the BJP & the alliance party may get the bonus along with the magic numbers & they are into process of increasing their seats. But yes Yeddyurappa's resignation is just a small part of the complete film. The BJP knows that its just small margin of few seats so a small effort would help them to go ahead with the clear majority.

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    Whatever may have been Mr Yeddy's compulsion to put in his papers, even ahead of the confidence vote, the fact remains that, but for the Supreme court intervention, horse trading of the tallest order would have taken place.

    That the BJP is unlikely to make many gains out of this sordid drama, is one fact that will increasingly play out in the days ahead. For one, the Congress is under compulsion to play ball, only to keep out the BJP. Two, The Gowdas have now played the anti-BJP line so much, that they cannot create a Bihar like situation, by threatening the Congress at any point in time.

    Mamta Bannerjee's ambition of projecting herself as a PM candidate in 2019, through Opposition unity, cannot happen, as Congress cannot afford to play second fiddle. Mr Rahul Gandhi and his mother and the tall figures in the party, who command some respect will only try to fuel all the frustration with BJP and get as many votes as possible. If at all something is going to happen, the UPA in some other form will be back once again, with even Mr Biju Patnaik coming over to the Congress side. The BJP will be a zero in all the Southern States, in Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra, parts of UP, parts of MP, parts of Bihar and even most of the North-East.

    Mr Rahul Gandhi would have picked up some lessons in his Karnataka campaign. It is impossible to believe that the Shiv Sena will co-operate with the BJP in Maharashtra. It may go with the Congress. So, we have a great scenario emerging.

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    Latest news: A group of Muslim organisations have come together to demand that a leader from the Muslim community be made the Deputy CM in the new government in Karnataka. These are the same organisations who fear that democracy is in danger!!
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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